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There are mainly have two reasons why vacuum degasser use vacuum pump, the one is, the degassing mud in degasser absorb to the top of the degasser, make if form into thin layer flow on baffle, vertebral body or between hopper´╝ŤThe second one is the gas discharged in tank and intake air is all discharged. Vacuum pump also can produce a kind of pressure which can discharge the exhaust gas through a pipeline.

The degassers are used to clean the gas in the drilling fluid, to ensure the drilling fluid property relatively stable, to guarantee the steady operation of swirlers. The degassers can be grouped into two kinds: ordinary pressure type and vacuum type.

The ordinary pressure degasser is to use the centrifugal to take out gas to invade the mud, with the help of centrifugal force to make the mud spraying in the jet tanks and striking on the wall to make gas releasing. The vacuum degasser is to use the suction of the centrifugal, forming negative pressure in the vacuum tanks, under the action of drilling fluid at atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft, then by umbrella piece of around the hollow shaft assembly, they jet to the skin of tank.

The Spirovent Superior is a fully automatic vacuum degasser for heating, cooling and process installations. This device temporarily subjects part of the installation fluid to low pressure or vacuum. As a result, the air dissolved in the fluid is released and removed from the system. Thanks to the electronic, independent control system, reading system information is a breeze.