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Mud cleaning system normally we call it 4 phases solids control equipment, including the first phase solids control control with the shale shaker for solids up of 100 microns, and secondary solids control desander for solids up 50 microns, and the thrid solids control desilter unit to remove solids above 20 microns, the fourth solids control decanting centrifuge to separate solids of 2-7 microns.

solid control system

The Main Solids Control Equpment

Primary Solids Control High G Shale Shaker with Ajustable G force and Deck Angle Adjustable While Operation.
Secondary Solids Control Equipment Mud Cleaner or Desander Desilter of PU material Cones for Longer Life.
PLC and Variable Speed Decanting Centrifuge to Control the Fine Solids and handle barite recovery.
Tunstone Carbide Tiles protection for the Screw Conveyor of the Centrifuge. The Centrifuge Bowl is made from Duplex Stainless Steel by Centrifugal Force which is
better than SS316.
Mission Type Centrifugal Pumps to Allow you easier for spare parts.

Funtion of Solids Control

The solids control system utilized physical method to remove solid particles from the drilling mud to ensure the performance of drilling mud, and reduce the occurrence of drilling accident. Effectively save drilling costs and maximize economic benefits.

The mud cleaning system can used in oil& gas drilling, trenchless, HDD, CBM and ect. Contact us if you have interest with it.


HDD & Trenchless Mud System is more and more often used in HDD and trenchless project, since HDD & trenchless technology has become a rapidly growing sector of the construction and civil engineering industry.

Features of The HDD system:

Easy site access, easy rig up, easy rig down and without forgetting safety
Low transportation cost
Compact construction
Central electrical control panel


Parameters of the HDD mud system:

Hydrocyclone number: 10, 12, 16, 20
Hydrocyclone diameter: 4”, 5”
Shale shaker motion trace: Elliptical
Working pressure: 0.2~0.45Mpa
Process: 130~300m3/h
Cut point: 20~100um

DC Solid control can offer complete line of HDD & Trenchless Mud System including mud tank and equipment mounted on mud tank. All of Our solids control system is explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and leakage proof. The electric apparatus is DIIBT4 explosion proof, while the motor is out-of-door explosion proof motor.