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Dual motion shale shaker is a kind of solids control drilling mud processing equipment. Shale shaker is the 1st stage solids control equipment to pre-treat drilling mud from drilling rigs.

DC dual motion shaker is DCZKS850, the treating capacity is 600 GPM. By using two vibrators, the two running type can be adjusted easily without changing the angle of the eccentric block inside these two motors. DC dual motion shaker is more cost-effective as DC only uses two motors while most of the other suppliers are using 3 motors.

dual motion shale shaker

DC also has one shale shaker with high G force which up to 8.0 G. WBM is effectively separated by DC Hi-G shaker. For the OBM, DC cuttings dryer and centrifuge is very popular. DC shakers can be used in many drilling sites. The feeder can be adjusted by using different feeding box.


Now many shale shakers, desanders, desilters and mud cleaners are storaged in DC warehouse. DC Solids also has some decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers as well as shaker screens in Houston. Most of the spare parts or wear parts are also storaged here. DC experienced service engineers can also be sent out for commissioning and after sales service.


Shale shaker is the most important part in drilling fluids processing system,also plays a decisive role in drilling mud system.Shale shaker decides the performance of the whole solids control system.

DC Solid control provides both linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical shale shaker. DC series shale shaker can meet varied needs of the different customers. DC Solids Control also can design double shakers and triplicate shakers on single skid according to clients’special requirements and also supply relevant connecting manifold, according to current industry situation.


DC Shale Shaker provides power, performance and a new standard in practical design. Capable of producing up to 7 G’s of force and coupled with a variable frequency drive, the Hyper-G™ provides power when you need it. By adding a single point jacking system and an improved screen fastening system, you now have a shaker that is as easy to operate, as it is powerful.

shale shaker

DC Solids Control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system sales,service,manufacturing,distribution service. Buy Linear motion shale shaker from China manufacturer. Your best shale shaker deal starts here.

Every solids-removal system should have enough shale shakers to process 100% of the drilling-fluid circulating rate. Shale shaker is the first phase equipment in solid control system.

Drilling Shale Shaker is the most widely used mud shale Shaker. All Mud Shale Shaker is DC Solids Control designed by ourselves, including Balanced Elliptical motion Shaker and Mongoose shale shaker.


Mud Shale Shaker use Italy Oli vibration motor or USA Martin motor. Vibration motor excitation force can be adjusted To meet different viscosity of the mud. DC shale shaker uses “solid works” to design, which makes vibration force through the center of drilling shale shaker, and makes the trajectory of linear shale shaker be balanced to ensure the separation effect of drilling shale shaker.

dc’s shale shakers are naturally available in your operating voltage whether you are running 415 VAC 50 Hz or 600 VAC 60 or anything in-between. With IECEX, Atex, certification you can be certain that your High G shakers are in compliance with your country’s hazardous area regulatory organisation regulations.


The first line of defense for a properly designed solids control system has been and will continue to be, the shale shaker. Without proper screening of the drilling fluid during this initial removal step, reduced efficiency and effectiveness of all downstream solids control equipment in the system is assured. The downstream hydrocyclones will simply be overloaded beyond their designed capacity.

shale shakers

Because of their greater efficiency & complexity the use of finer mesh screens is essential. This requires more attention than the standard scalping shale shaker screen.Besides periodic lubrication, fine screen use requires the following care:
1.Wash down screens with power washer regularly
2.Check screens for tear or rips
3.Make sure screens are properly mounted
4.Make sure shaker is at proper angle
5.Check wiring or a regular basis high speed shakers tend to wear through wiring insulation

In addition, frequent checks must be made for plugging or blinding screens. The shale shaker angle can be increased or decreased to help eliminate this problem. For blinding screens a more coarse or finer screen may be installed to help solve the problem.

Remember your shale shaker is your first line of defense in your solids control system, Choose a shale shaker that is correct for your application and have rig personnel learn to use it correctly.

DCS600-3 shale shakers have already manufactured and prepared to Kazakhstan. We meet the clients in 2014 BeiJing exhibition, and discussed a set of ZJ4000 mud cleaning equipment. They are very satisfied with our service, price and especially the quality, so they want to test a order.

The first order is 6 sets linear motion shale shakers. They are very urgently to purchase it and concerned about the delivery time, we want to meet their requirements, we shorten the delivery time to 15 days. Now the 6 sets shale shaker have already finished and prepared to delivery.

Shale shakers

The shale shaker with long vibration motors, and the treating capacity is 120m3/h(528GPM), the screen area is it is a common type. Shale shaker is the first stage in solid control system and it is an obbligato equipment. In order to supply the excellent shale shaker with high screening accuracy, low-energy and no dust pollution, DC Machinery controls quality strictly in each procedure.


The shale shakers produced by DC Machinery have the advantages of large handling capacity, screening high precision, low-energy, environmental protection and so on. So the quality of it directly influence the follow-up solid control equipment. So we are very appreciate the shale shaker quality, meanwhile it also have a big effects to our next cooperation.

The linear motion shale shakers are widely used in the auto separation of the solid and liquid phases of well drilling, metallurgy, mine, chemical, trenchless engineering industries. So if you have interests with it please don’t hesitate to contact us. Believe DC Solid control will be your best choice.

Shale shakers are positioned after the mud/gas separator and gumbo equipment (if utilized) and before any other solids removal equipment. Rigs may employ any number of shale shakers, depending on the specific drilling parameters of the well. Typically, several shakers are utilized for normal drilling operations. Additional shakers are added in response to a specific well program.

shale shaker1The COBRA shaker utilizes three pretension screens and linear motion to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. This allows the COBRA shale shaker to minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the COBRA shaker is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is necessary to sustain optimal operation. Additionally the shaker’s rugged design offers years of reliable operation.

Features and benefit:

Unique, rugged basket design: Provides optimal mud coverage of screen surface.

Few replacement parts: Small parts inventory provides costs savings.

Linear Motion; Solids are separated and discharged with minimum attrition.

Patented drying deck: A dry solids discharge helps reduce mud losses.

shale shaker2Exclusive deck angles on LCM-3D basket (0°+5°+5°): Keeps the mud pool volume small, which helps to increase screen life.

Optional weir height: Weir height of 41 in (1041.4 mm), with optional 37 in (939.8 mm) weir height when needed.

Utilizes three (3) repairable, pretension screens: 25.4 ft² (2.4 m²) of screen area which is repairable, thus offering cost savings.

Individual seals on every screen: Screen seals eliminate screen leakage.

Patented pin-and-hole screen securing system: Screens fit snugly and will not slip or slide once secured.

Weave structure of shale shaker screen is preliminary bending into corrugated form wire, make two bending stuck in the same place to ensure the size of screen hole, shale shaker has bidirectional corrugated bending, lock bending, two way every wave bending, ceiling bending, unidirectional corrugated bending, the structure is strong. Screen is the expensive wearing parts in shale shaker, in order to ensure the service life of shale shaker, DC reading the reasons why shale shaker screen appear fracture.

The screen is fractured with line shape, usually because the screen form the screen box support and between the secondary vibration, mutual impacting cause the screen linear motion has the rules fracture, the reasons:

The screen size of screen is mecism make the screw can’t tension;

The tension agencies of screen machine has problems, the tension flat and screen machine can’t be matched, tension plate mill thin or deformation;

The curved edge shape and size of screen can’t match with the tension flat.

The screen welding breakage led to the structure of screen is damaged.

Rubber strap is abraded.

The design structure of screen or screen machine has defect.

The support strip of screen is lower than screen, the support strip and screen has a certain distance.

The spring rate of around the shale shaker are nonuniform;

The amplitude of shale shaker is too big.

Screen wire has the intersperse and irregular breakage

In general condition, the whole surface of screen produces irregular fracture, according the grain condition of breakage sectional, we can sure that the material has problems. But except the stainless screen more than material quality guarantee period.