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DC Solid control has just finished production for one set CE certified mud tank system and high frequency vibrating fine screen. Soon after they will be sent to job site in Eruope.

The mud cleaning system used for HDD project. It consists of coarse shaker with desilter cones, a bottom tank, and a feeding pump. The package design is compliant with CE certification of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

HDD Mud system

DC HDD mud recovery system can remarkably improve mud treatment efficiency, reduce mud cost of horizontal directional drilling and greatly increase the rate of penetration.

Our HDD mud system has the features of Cost Effective Equipment integration, Fast moved compact system, Assured customer service and Mud Tanks Flexible Options. DC also design standard 150GPM, 350GPM, 800GPM and 1000GPM mud system for HDD and CBM drilling, also the customized system as per required treating capacity.

If you are a driller and are seeking the proper system for your rig, don’t hesitate, just contact with us right now, DC will not make you disappointed.

CIPPE is a display platform of Oil&gas drilling company. We can learn more sale skill and know more advanced equipment in the
exhibition. CIPPE is short for China international petroleum petrochemical exhibition which is the biggest show in oil& gas drilling

During the show, there were many domestic and international customers visit our booth and have a nice communication. They all said,
our solid control product not only with the superior quality but also have the favourable price, and want to extend business
relationship with our company.


Solid control equipment showed in the exhibition:
1. Double deck mud cleaner. It is a combination of linear motion shale shaker, desander and desilter. The most advantages of the mud
cleaner are the durable quality and multiple functions. It can be used as shale shaker and mud cleaner simultaneous which can save
more area.
2. High efficiency vertical cutting dryer. It is a new product of our company, and is famous used in many drilling sites to save cost
and better protect the environment.

3. Dual motion shale shaker. It has the two vibration locus, one is linear motion and the other is the elliptical motion which is the
featured product in our company. The treating capacity of dual motion shale shaker is bigger 20% than the linear one, but the price
is reasonable.


DC Solids Control is China solids control leading brand. With high quality equipment, upgrading technical patents, timely response
for requirements, reliable service for after sales, DC Solids Control is becoming more and more popular in this field and get many
awards from professional solids control service companies, mud service companies and also drilling contractors.

Don’t worry, if you missed meet us in CIPPE, please go to OTC visit our booth to have talk face to face. Let’s looking forward CIPPE
in 2016, we have confidence to take more advanced mud equipment to meet the market requirements.

The 500m3/h system have finished and prepared to delivery to Pakistan. It is including a double deck mud cleaner, sand pump, jet mud mixer and a mud tank. The system is used for CBM. But all the equipments’motors have the special requirements is IECEX certificate. Mean, all the motors and electric controlcabinets are all need imported from foreign.


The treating capacity of the mud cleaner is 60m3/h, the IECEX motor is 2×1.5kw. Upper screen size is 850x950mm, and the under screen size is 850x1250mm.There are 3 hydrocyclones and each hydrocyclone is 4″.

mud cleaner

The sand pump is SB4x3-13, the flow is 50m3/h, lift is 40m, power is 15kw and the speed is 1460rpm.SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander 、Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer for solids control equipment .Sand pump is also called centrifugal pump .DC produce the pump with reliabilityheat-resistant 、large flow 、long life 、low- energy consumption 、easy maintenance and other advantages.

sand pump

Jet mud mixer is SLH100-25, the matching pump is SB4x3-13, the treating capacity i 150m3/h, the hopper dimension is 600x600mm. The function of it on the system is mixing the mud to change its density, viscosity and PH. DC’s jet mud mixer specializes in faster speed, reliable performance and long life.

jet mud mixer

DC is a professional manufacturer of drilling fluid recycling, sewage treatment, oil&gas drilling and ect. We can provide the reasonable scheme for you reference and help you solve any problems. So if you have interests or have requirements please contact me freely.

DC Solids Control is a professional solids control equipment manufacturer. Mainly focus on drilling fluid recycle system, HDD Mud recycle, CBM and sewage treatment. DC has 3 typical products for the disposal treatment. They are High G shale shaker, decanting centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.

High G shale shaker

Shale shakers are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluids while circulating and drilling. DC Machinery can produce all kinds of shale shakers with different sizes and types, can meet the requirements of different handling capacity and installation sizes. Also, DC Machinery can produce duplex or triplicate shale shakers according to the actual requirements of clients and supply the corresponding pipelines.

shale shaker

Decanter Centrifuge

DC series decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of solids phase with particle diameter(d≥2μm) for drilling mud and fluids handling. It is used as the 4th phase solids control equipment after shaker, desander and desilter. The centrifuge suck the mud from the compartment receiving the discharge from the desilters and mud cleaners, and the returned stream is directed enter into the next compartment downstream. The use of decanter centrifuge with the drilling mud is (1) removal mine solids from unweighted fluids (2) selection separation of colloidal and ultra-mine solids from weighted fluids to improve their fow properties.


Vertical Cutting dryer

DC Vertical Cutting Dryer is one of the popular products for CBM and SBM. The H-I G Dryer Shaker,and Dewatering Centrifuges,Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge availiable for drilling waste management and solids control. The Hi G shaker is for water based mud.

Drilling cutting dryer

So if you have requirements please contact me freely. We must provide the lowets price and best service for you.

The selectivity solid phase control technology 

Application selectivity solid phase control technology, the returned drilling fluid from well mouth through high efficiency screened divided into big grain wet drilling cuttings and sieving fluid, which separated the three class solid phase through classification filter separator, from thick to fine successively is thick drilling cuttings(74~35 µm)aggravate solid phase(35~15 µm)and fine drilling cuttings (2~15 µm), after the aggravate solid phase separated by separator return into drilling fluid system, the coarse and fine drilling cuttings excretion. It can eliminate more harmful solid phase, especially the diameter particles lower than aggravate solid phase harmful solid particles, can improve drilling machine speed, decrease drilling fluid viscosity and dilution water and decrease drilling fluid volume.

Drilling cuttings in –line treatment technology: 

We only value drilling fluid treatment past, but lose sight of the treat to drilling cuttings, drilling cuttings directly discharge into mud pit. Every well all need a mud pit, the area should exceed 500m2. According to treat the wed drilling cutting in-line, can divided into filtrate and dry drilling cuttings, filter returned to drilling fluid system, the dry drilling cuttings are placed in storage and transportation box, centralized processing and recycling used, according to drilling cuttings in-line treatment technology can make drilling cuttings and waste drilling fluid can’t drop on the ground in drilling field, can fully recover available drilling fluid and don’t use mud pit, it has the obvious e economic benefic and huge social benefit.

Drilling fluid recycle technology 

Usually the waste drilling fluid is 100-300m3 after a well drilled successfully. According to the homologous stratum characteristics and drilling fluid type to separate the waste, to the available drilling fluid proceed fully recycle use, can decrease drilling fluid gross, decrease emission load, the benefit is very obvious. Of course, the drilling fluid recycle need a set of processing measure, main including the improvement of drilling fluid performance, classification storage and reliable application.


Drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly keep uniformity of drilling fluid and made solid .Drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly keep uniformity of drilling fluid and made solid phase suspension, is the ongoing and reliability drilling mud solid control system. it is mainly used to mixed drilling fluid, in order to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in the tank type circulating system, make the performance of drilling fluid stabilize and mixing uniformity.

characteristics of drill mud agitator

Drilling mud agitator use the arc and cylinder reducer, the section is cylindrical turbine of circular arc , the tooth profile of turbine is round which is conjugate with worm.

Drilling mud agitator use the combination of reducer and explosion proof electric machine, it is easy to maintain, it adapts to the condition of field bad working environment.

The stirring intension of drilling mud agitator is strong, extensively affected and decrease the starting resistance.

The motor of drilling mud agitator place in a horizontal position, it is convenient to install and adjust.

The structure and working theory of drilling mud agitator

Structure: the device is mainly made of explosion proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impeller components, reducer and motor, reducer and wave wheel are all connected with solid coupling. The wave is made of four impellers weld.

Working theory: The wave can make agitate fluid produce vortex motion and enhance the mixing effect. The tray caught in the middle of the blade can avoid the mud solid phase deposit on the round of lower impellers after stopping, such use can reduce the resistance moment of the sediment to impeller, it prevent burn motor when starting overload.

The installation and operation maintenance of drilling mud agitator

The mud agitator should be level lifted and smooth placed in the installation position, after adjust the coaxial degree is less than 0.39mm, the four M16 hole seats are welded in the tank and tightening the engine base, fixed bolts.

The rigid coupling of mud agitator must be installed the spring pad and strong reliable, otherwise it maybe cause the deflection of wave wheel and accelerated wear of reducer.

In the operation of mud agitator should not have abnormal sound, cassette and excess temperature or other conditions.

The fuel head of mud agitator reducer should be kept in the middle part of apparent oil window, it needs often complement enough lubrication. 

∑theory is put forward by Ambler in 1952, it is used to calculate the throughput of sedimentation centrifuge. The theory thinks that the liquid is according the characteristics of piston type to flow, the flow speed in the whole flow section is constant.

After drilling fluid enter into centrifugal drum, the liquid phase along the shaft of drum flow to overflow month to flow out. The solid particles follow the liquid shaft to flow, under the centrifugal force effect to precipitate which is along the radial, because the sedimentation rate of fine particles is slow, the time of precipitation to the wall of drum is long. If the quantity of admission mud is large, axial velocity is too fast, the residence time of fine particles is too short, the fine small particles along fluid overflow drum and it can’t be separated. So the throughput of sedimentation centrifuge should be interpreted as the desired separation of the smallest particles in drum, is not the biggest fluid flow is carried out of the drum following the separation liquid. So the certain separation factor of the same centrifuge to the different or same performance drilling fluid in the different requirements of separation, the throughput is different.The throughput ability of sedimentation centrifuge is depending on axial velocity and the particles centrifugal sedimentation speed.


The adaptability is good, the design is fully consider the solid control technology of oil drilling process with the special demand of the centrifugal, the main parts implement the specificity, adjustability and the optimization design.

The automaticity is high, the feeding, separation, unloading and other process under the high speed can continuous, automatically, the equipment control on-line with the microcomputer according to the user requirements ,realize the automation control of the technology.

Corrosion resistance, the drum, propellers, enclosure and the material contact components are all use the high quality stainless steel,  the corrosion resistance and rusting resistance is strong,.

The safety of device is complete and reliable, the centrifugal installed the temperature sensor and shock sensor, in the working if the temperature and vibration is abnormal or exceed the limit, it can active the gas protection system, to prevent the machine is damaged or bring the accident, the electronic control install the protection mechanism, to guarantee the safe use of the machine.

Based on the oil field tests and compared with other shale shake types, balanced elliptical motion technology can consistently provide gentle rolling motion, better solids removal and fluid circulation, less, screen wear. This paper discussed the latest technology in shake shaker, introduced the theory, stricture and performance of the balanced elliptical motion shale shaker.

Although the popular shale shaker is linear motion shale shaker at home and abroad, but looking from the theory and practice, linear motion shale shaker is not the best choose. So areas of abroad allocate the scraper before the shale shaker to dispose the mud.

The balanced elliptical motion shale shaker is more difficult to design than linear motion shale shaker, but following the development of technology and the maturity of the vibration motor technology, design some new balanced elliptical shale shaker.

BEM-3 shale shaker

SWACO company import the SWECO patent technology, use the eccentric block which is slant with the sifter, produce continuation and the same direction elliptical motion, in order to increase the separation effect. In theory, to drilling cuttings screen and dry, the balanced motion is the best choose. Because when solid particles roll along with screen surface, increase the contact area, so increase screening ability. Otherwise, in the same cast angle and amplitude, each unit retention time of balance elliptical shale shaker is longer than linear motions shale shaker.

BEM-600 shale shaker


BEM-600 shale shaker is the second generation shale shaker of SWACO, the product use the balanced elliptical patent technology. Tests show that, compared with other type shale shakers, it can keep the soft movement locus, has the best ability of remove drilling cuttings, it also can improve drilling fluid recovery, Decrease the screen wear. Besides, it cover area is small, the whole stainless steel structure, double-deck reel, the pneumatic structure is steady. So BEM-600 shale shaker has the best wipe method, greater throughput, more quick and more safety method of replace screen and drilling fluid recovery is more efficiency.


MONGOOSE double motion shale shaker

The double motion can form linear motion and balanced elliptical motion in one shale shake. SWACO company combine the balanced elliptical technology and linear motion technology to creatively produce the double motion locus shale shaker. The double motion function and special device, make MONGOOSE shale shaker can adapt to any land and offshore drilling condition,

VSM300 shale shaker

VSM300 shake shaker use multilayer screens, as the minimum screening area realize the biggest screening area. The up screen can protect the down more fine screen, the total area of screen is 5.6m2. When operation, only press the exciting force, the shale shaker can produce 4,6,8 the difference exciting force, so when operation, it need not stop shale shaker, we can also change the solid phase transportation rate, flow characteristic and phase quantity.


Compared with linear motion shale shaker, balanced elliptical shale shaker has the good adaptability, especially to fragile, slime stratum, Its advantage extrude. If reasonable collocate the two types shale shakers, we can obtain the best effect.