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I got the inquiry 30 days ago from my old clients who from Newzeland. And the clients want to a quality mud gas separator and requred the treating capacity is 80 m3/h, but our traditional mud gas separator is ZYQ800, ZYQ1000 and ZYQ1200. But the smallest treating capaity is 200-260m3/h all can’t meet his requirements.

mud gas separatorBut in order to satisfied our clients requirements, our engineer give a new design accroding to the needs. The mud gas separator model is ZYQ600. Its main body diameter is 600mm, capacity is 80-150m3/h, inlet pipe is 3″, outlet pipe is 4″ and gas discharge pipe is 5″. After we send the new specification to the clients who are very satisfied with our design and advanced technology. After 15 days, the mud gas separator have alerady finished and prepared to delivery. Below is the pictures.

Why use mud gas separator

ZYQ series Mud gas separator(Poor Boy Degasser) is professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. When the drilling mud result gas invade, the proportion of its weight and viscosity have a greater deviation not to meet the requirements of drilling. The serious situation is that would cause Chung well, and even blowout accident occurred, if not to treat it timely. Mud gas Separator can be used to ensure the drilling process smooth.

Principle of operation

The principle behind the mud gas separator is relatively simple. On the figure, the mud and gas mixture is fed at the inlet allowing it to impinge on a series of baffles designed to separate gas and mud. The free gas then is moved into the flare line to reduce the threat of toxic and hazardous gases and the mud then discharges to the shale shaker and to the tank.

From above we know that, mud gas separator is the key equipment to ensure drilling safety. DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of mud gas separator, we have ability and advanced technology to design any model equipment according to clients need, so if you have requirement of solid control equipment, welcome to consult us, believe we can provide the best design scheme for you.

The gas discharge line of mud gas separator must be fixed. We must accord the specification or service requirement which is provided by manufactures clean and maintain mud gas separator. When in winter, if the bottom of mud gas separator is installed the cleaning value, in order to the fluid freeze block mud gas separator we should open the value.

The process of mud gas separator 

After occur overflow and close the well and complete well control calculate scheme, the throttle pipe is soaked mud have already connected well, mud gas separator has already connected well.

 When using if mud gas separator in installed cleaning value and U pipeline discharge value must be closed.

 Checking the discharge pipeline safety fixed rope or chain.

 Open the throttle pipe value which is leading to mud gas separator.

 After start the well control process, the mud returned from hohlraum through the throttle pipeline enter into drilling fluid mud gas separator. The separated gas by mud gas separator is discharged and the mud is discharged from separator is directly return to shale shaker.

During the working, continuous monitoring mud gas separator and detection the returned shale shake tank mud.

After well control successful, open the bop and closed the throttle pipe value which is connecting mud gas separator.

Opening the mud gas separator cleaning value and all rock debris are discharged to pollution pool.

If use the U pipe separator, open the U pipe discharging value and clean it with water. The all solid are discharged to pollution pool.

Cleaning, washing and checking all manifold, pipe line and value and according the requirement of soft shut well and hard shut well of drilling design rearrange the throttle pipe and the working condition of mud gas separator.