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DCYZ series explosion-proof submersible pump is applicable to dangerous sites which contain methane, coal-dust explosion environment,also application for transporting rain water and sewage containing solid particles at constructions, hospitals, residential areas, municipal projects, roads, factory sewage, etc.


Outstanding Features:

1.Model special features: Optimised performance, smooth and reliable operation without blocking, strong sewage desilting capacity, no overload throughout whole head range, input power does not exceed the matching motor power under any condition. Applicable for various occasions under mine, one equipment serves multi-purpose operation.
2.Mechanical seal improvement: Utilises independent cascade mechanical seal and double-end faces mechanical seal.
3.Optimised structure: Structural design promotes mechanical sealing, smooth operation, high reliability; optimised design, portability and practicality, low energy consumption, long time operation under no water condition.
4.IP×8,IP68 motor protection grade, good submersible motor cooling performance, operating temperature is lower than that of other motors, improved durability. F grade insulation gurantees longer service life of motor.


Application used;

DC Submersible slurry pump is centrifugal pump.
DC Submersible slurry pump can be treated as shale shaker feeding pump.
DC Submersible slurry pump is vertical type save much space. Furthermore, it also can be decanter centrifuge feeding pump.
DC Submersible slurry pump impeller is semi opening type this provides high efficiency. The impeller material is carbide alloy make pump more durable decrease maintenance cost.

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Submersible slurry pump normally used for feeding shale shaker for CBM, HDD or other drilling industry. It is vertical single stage and single suction system and made of abrasion-resistant alloy. The standard length of pump 1 3m but can be customized.


Submersible Slurry Pump is designed for pumping the liquid mud while wells drilling. And it can be used as a charging pump for the main mud pump. Increased capacity allows significantly reduce pumping time. Specially designed pump frame, adapted to drilling rig, enables it to vertical movement of working part, thus providing for serviceability and checkup. The bottom part of the shaft has enough rigidity; pump impeller is set between bearings. It can supply the liquid with strong concentration of solid particles. The submersible slurry pump may penetrate the liquid between 800m-2500mm under it, and may be equipped with suction pipes if necessary.

submerisble pump

Actually, the pump is one kind of Centrifugal Pump. As submersible slurry pump is mainly transferring liquid and solid mixture, the pump raw material is rather anti- abrasive. It can transfer different hard materials. Including sand, cement, particles, shale, and so on.

The submersible slurry pump consisting impeller, pump case, pump shaft, bearing, driven power, supporting frame, coupler, shaft sleeve, shaf seal, and so on. Usually, we use the electrical motor drive pump. The popular pump flow rate is from 30m³/h to 200m³/h.

Buy submersible slurry pump from China manufacturer, DC Solids Control system submersible slurry pump.Mud tank submersible slurry pump.Your best submersible slurry
pump for drilling mud circulation system and decanter centrifuge feeding.


Screw pumps are the pumps with the discharged liquid head imparted by displacement of liquid; screw rotor(s) rotating in the stator, designed with the appropriate shape, are used to displace it. In terms of impacts from operating elements, screw pumps are classified as volumetric pumps.

screw pumps

DC Solid control shipped 8 sets high quality screw pump for Russian clients. Screw pumps are rotary geared pumps, and they can be made by altering gear pumps; for this purpose, number of gear teeth shall be reduced and their obliquity number shall be increased.

The main parts are screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator). The shaft of the pump is made from Stainless steel, DC Screw pump is available for option with complete stainless steel body. It can drive by coupler, or adjust the speed by using variable speed motor, Triangle V-belt, gear box, etc.

DC is a professional oilfield drilling fluid screw pump supplier and manufacturer in China oil drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management industry. DC solid control is capable of providing customers with series products ,such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment.

Fluids play an integral role in oil and gas exploration and production. When a new well is drilled, some form of fluid is needed.The type of fluid and the additives used are determined in part based on the composition of the rock being drilled into.

Cost and environmental impact are also considerations. The mud may also be modified as drilling progresses and the underground environment changes. The mud serves a number of important functions:

1. lubricating and cooling the drill bit, thereby extending its life
2. transporting rock fragments (cuttings) to the surface.
3. preventing the wellbore from caving in before the casing is inserted, and
4. preventing the oil or gas from entering the well before it’s completed.

submersible pump

Although, drilling fluid is very important for drilling, so how to transport it, is a problem. We have all kinds of centrifugal pump to transport the fluid for different stage equipment, such as, sand pump for desander and desilter, submersible and screw pump for decanter centrifuge.Following is the introduction of Submersible slurry pumps.

slurry pump

Submersible slurry pumps is widely used to transport corrosive/abrasive and high concentration slurry in many industries, like mining, sand and lead. Various other industries include electric utilities, copper, oil shale, agriculture, etc. This rubber lined sludge pump adopts wear-resisting rubber to reduce abrasion and corrosion. The rubber also has small density and can reduce noise and vibration. Thus, centrifugal slurry pump is effective and popular both at home and abroad.

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Drilling fluid sand pump is a kind of centrifugal pump which is a ideal equipment for feeding materis for desander, desilter and mud mixer. DCSB series sand pump delivers improved performance, better longevity, and cost savings compared to other centrifugal pumps.

The centrifugal pumps are made of high-wearable cast irons to improve the service life by 50%. Front opening structure for easy  installation and maintenance of the centrifugal pumps.

sand pump

With 4 patents given to the SB series centrifugal pumps including special mechanical seal technology ensures long service life, no leaking within more than 1 year. Special designed impeller improves the centrifugal pumps’ efficiency and energy-saving by 10%.

There are many models of the SB serial centrifugal pumps, namely SB8×10, SB6×8, SB5×6, SB4×5, SB3×4 and SB2×3, with engine power ranging from 4Kw to 110Kw, totaling more than 80 of specifications.

With stable performance and long service life, DCSB series centrifugal pump is designed to deliver abrasive, viscous, corrosive media, especially drilling fluids and industrial slurry. More info, please contact DC Solid control machinery.

Drilling fluid pump is one special pump in centrifugal pump. We also call it as sand pump which is an important unit in the whole solid control system. It is mainly used to transfer drilling fluid for desander, desilter, and provide sufficient power for mixing drilling fluid.

SB Series centrifugal pumps are distinguished by high efficiency, low energy consumption, several options, and a wide range of flow rates and pressures.


High efficiency
A precision-engineered pump and motor provide high efficiency and gentle product treatment. The robust design and tight tolerances together with the advanced impeller design minimize recirculation and ensure the efficient transfer of energy.

Optimal pump design
The impeller design ensures efficient and gentle handling of the product as it moves through the pump. This ensures product integrity and minimizes NPSHr ( Net Positive Suction Head required).

Low energy consumption
Making pump energy use more efficient presents huge potential for energy savings. The optimized pump design and premium motor of our centrifugal pumps often deliver greater energy efficiency than similar premium pumps and up to 50% compared to similar mid-range pumps.

Submersible Slurry Pump have vertical single stage and single suction system overhung structure, adopt wear-resistant alloy material, convey medium with high concentration particle. It mainly composes of bearing housing, supporting, intermediate pipe connecting the pump hydraulic components.


Working process of slurry pumps

The liquid is discharged out from the drain pipe parts; pump impeller is for semi-shrouded with the agitating vane on the vane extended. The main characteristic of the slurry pump is that shaft parts of underwater pump are rigid enough. The impeller and pump shell have no bearings or shaft seal, which can convey larger medium of solids particles.


Features & Benefits of Submersible Slurry Pump

1. Shaft seal is not adapted, the medium with dense solids can also be transported.
2. Vertical motor is installed on the motor base, connected to the pump by coupling.
3. Using the power step-down, to ensure the slurry is not easy to leak.
4. Flow passage component of pump uses high hard alloy, the material has the advantages of high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and long
service life.

Submersible Slurry Pump for Drilling Fluids Solids Control

Feeding Shale Shaker from Mud Pit for HDD Mud Recycling System
Feeding Desander Desilter
Feeding Decanter Centrifuge

Centrifugal pump is the most used pump type in the world. The principle is simple, well-described and thoroughly tested. There is a wide range of variations based on the principle of the centrifugal pump and consisting of the same basic hydraulic parts. The majority of pumps produced by DC are the centrifugal pumps.

An increase in the fluid pressure from the centrifugal pump inlet its outlet is created when the pump is in operation. This pressure difference drives the fluid through the system or plant.

centrifugal pump

The centrifugal pumps creats an increase in pressure by transferring mechanical energy from the motor to the fluid through the rotating impeller. The fluid flows from the inlet to the impeller centre and out along its blades. The centrifugal force hereby increases the fluid velocity and consequently also the kinetic energy is transformed to pressure.


The blades if the rotating impeller transfer energy to the fluid there by increasing pressure and velocity. The fluid is sucked into the impeller at the impeller eye and flows through the impeller channels formed by the blades between the shroud and hub.

The design of the impeller depends on the requirements for pressure, flow and application. The impeller is the primary component determining the pump performance. Pumps variants are often created only by modifying the impeller.