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DC mud agitators are designed to mix and suspend the solids using axial flow, promoting low particle size degradation and effective polymer shear. DCJBQ mud agitator is relatively a low energy device, easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.


Yesterday, DC Solid control shipped 20 sets JBQ15 mud agitator shipped to Pakistan and is a tender project. Our mud agitators include an explosion-proof, “C” faced motor, reduction gearbox (helical-bevel gears for horizontal agitators or all helical gears for vertical units), impeller, and shaft with assembly bushings.


Main parameter of the JBQ15 Mud agitator:
Impeller speed: 72rpm(60HZ)
Single Impeller Dia.: 1100mm
Motor power: 15kw
Shaft lenght: 2.7m
Impeller dia: 950mm

Usually More than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission、 the revolution is steady、it works reliably and has great merit. Common model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5kW 、JBQ7.5kW 、JBQ11kW and JBQ15kW.The drilling mud agitator is an important components for DC Solids Control drilling fluids processing system

A Mud Agitator is used in surface mud systems to suspend solids and maintain homogeneous mixture throughout the system. A mechanical agitator is driven by an explosion-proof motor, coupled to a gear box that drives the impeller shaft. The impellers (turbines) transform mechanical power into fluid circulation or agitation.

mud agitator

DC manufacturers JBQ series Mud Agitator is relatively low shear and low energy device, so it is easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. This will ensure that mud additives are homogeneously mixed to prevent dead spots. Agitators will keep the active mud system flowing even when the pumps are disengaged and keep the weighting agents in suspension.

Characteristics of DC Mud agitators:
- Compact design.
- Durable, single reduction worm gear drive.
- Fewer moving parts, easy installation and less maintenance.
- Explosion proof electrical system.
- 50% better shock resistance than helical and bevel gears.

Mud agitator parameter

In addition, we have passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality management system. Our Mud agitators are sold to many foreign countries and regions such as: Middle East, Russia and more. Meanwhile, we have complete sale network and service centers. Customers are welcomeed to consult and buy our product.

The agitating shaft of mud agitator is the transmission structure can be rised. Agitator inadmissibility stopped in drilling process. It can’t get to the requirements in the practical work. After running of agitator, because sinking sand in the tank, maybe impellers buried in the sand, and it is difficult to start again. The impellers are often burned and appears motors burned. In order to solve the problem, usually oilfield adopts the agitator shaft which is can be rised, the impellers can be rised to a certain height. The impellers dive to the common location When re-start Agitator.


Agitator shaft of Mud agitator is divided into solid shaft and hollow shaft, the carbon steel shaft is the most commonly used. Solid shaft is directly on the reducer output shaft, usually adopts the rigid joint. There is a processed keyway on the bottom which can adjust the impellers installation height. It required inatall the stable end tube when the depth of container is exceed 1.83cm.

Hallow steel shaft apply to the deeper tank especially, they can connected with flange or bolt. Most hollow shaft all use bolt impellers which are joint to the scheduled location. Known from Mechanics of materials, in the same sectional area, hollow shaft more resistance to bend.

The rised agitating shaft is made of the hollow shaft of transmission torque and the screw shaft. The shaft installed agitating impellers connected the rised shaft through the coupling. The transmit torque can use the square hole, also can use the slide spline.

Mud agitator composed by explosion-proof motor, reducer, engine base and impeller components four parts .The motor and the speed reducer, reducer and the impeller shaft are connected through rigid coupling .

Agitating volume

According to production scale, agitating purpose and material performance to confirm the agitating shape and size. If don’t have special requirements, usually use upright cask container, meanwhile ensure the appropriate aspect ratio; if has the heat transfer requirements, the outside of kettle need set the jacketed structure.


Reduction gears

It should meet the requirements of power and rotary speed; operation is reliable, convenient to maintain; high mechanical efficiency and lower noise.


Agitating shaft has the enough spacing to ensure agitating shaft has little deflection amount; ensure the output shaft of transmission, agitating shaft and shaft sealing device is centring; have the enough radial and axial capability of adapting.

Shaft sealing

If allowed more fluid leakage, when the pressure in kettle is low can choose the packing seal; when allowed leakage, kettle pressure or vacuum is high, the friction energy consumption is less choose the mechanical sealing; when agitating medium is toxic or inflammable, explosive of expensive high purity material, or operate in high vacuum condition can choose the

Agitating shaft

Agitating shaft should have the enough torsional strength and bending strength. It must has the enough rigidity, rotary speed should avoid 800-1200r/min.


It should ensure material have the efficiency mix; consume the lowest power; needed the low cost; convenient to operate and maintain.

Mud agitator is the special agitating equipment in oil drilling mud circulating tank. Mud agitator keep drilling fluid uniformity and make the solid phase particles suspension.

Function of Mud agitator 

It is mainly used in drilling fluid mixing to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in tank type circulating system, also make circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, mixing is uniformity, it is the one equipment of the science drilling. Mud agitator should set in the place of centre of working volume level, the distance of impeller and tank bottom is the 1/3 to 1/4.

Superiority of DC Solid control

DC Solid control is the special mud agitator company, our company product design reasonable, structure is unique, use worm and worm wheel gearing-down device, has the advantages of transmit torsion is big, well stability and safety, service life is long, convenient to maintain and with the large agitating and discharging.

Common Mud agitator

Below 5.5kw mud agitator use cycloid reducer, mud agitator adopt to oil drilling agitating, structure is compact, small area. Above 7.5kw drilling fluid mud agitator use turbine worm screw type decelerate drive, and has the advantages of drive torsion is big, operation is stable and work reliable.

Advantages of DC Agitator:

Curve bevel gear drive, drive efficiency bigger than 97%-99.5%, energy loss is lower.

Curve bevel gear the total overlap ratio is big, big gear curvature radius and the carrying capacity is strong.

Te driving of drive sprocket and engaged wheel adopt the novel axis polarization design make agitator work more stable, the noise more lower.

HT200 cast iron outer skin strength is high, the surface is hammer paint.

We can accord to customer requirements to deploy double-deck impellers.

Reducer combine with explosion-proof motor, convenient to maintain, apply to field bad condition use.

Stirring intensity is big, wide spread range and decrease the starting resistance.

The shaft sealing use the special organization solves the problems of shaft sealing unreliable.

The direct connection eliminates the intermediate link of coupling, structure is simple and performance is reasonable.


The use 

The movable type mud agitator is mainly used in mine avoiding fire, put on a fire and injecting mud, it is belong to mine under well prevent fire and put on fire special equipment.

The structure 

The movable type mud agitator is made of rack, agitating tank, reducer, impeller mud, mud pump, mud pump motor, control cabinet and swivel caster. The agitating tank, mud pump, mud pump motor and control cabinet are all installed on the rack, there are many swivel casters are installed on the under part of the rack.

Agitating motor and reducer is installed the up part of agitating tank, the reducer under part install impellers, there are outlet mud hole on flank of agitating tank under part. The injection mud mouth of mud pump connected with outlet mouth of agitating tank, the outlet mouth of mud pump connected with mud pipeline, mud pump motor matched install with mud pump.


Movable mud  agitator is a kind of mine put on fire equipment of control agitating integration. It has the characteristics of conveniently move, connecting easy, put on fire fast, the source of injection mud material is wide and the cost is lower can meet the different fire type and use the different extinguish material.