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DC Solid control company provides a complete line of solids control technologies engineered to optimize drilling efficiencies by maintaining fluid integrity, reducing fluid losses, minimizing HSE impact, and lowering drilling costs through NPT management.

The solid control system from DC Machinery mainly includes shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, mud tank and related accessories mud equipments.


Drilling fluid and equipment maintenance cost can decrease greatly when proper solids control practices are utilized. From a fluid control stand point it would be desirable in most cases to remove all drilled solids. Although this is possible, it would be cost prohibitive.

The goal of a solids control system is to achieve the balance between mechanical solids separation and dilution that will result in drill solids being maintained at an acceptable level with a minimum of cost.

Recent days. DC Solid control got a order of HDD mud system. We got the PO yesterday according to one week discussion. Now, our workshop are starting to design and production the mud system.


The mud system is engineer designed to clean, recycle and mixing drilling mud in one mud tank package. The flow capacity is 500gpm + with shaker operating at 40 mesh screens and mud density 1.2g/cm³. It removes undesired drilled cuttings down to 12 microns with 4″ desilter cones. Compact design and small foot print allows it to be easily moved and transported.


The 500gpm mini mud system is widely used in other following drilling applications:
Horizontal Directional Drilling (Trenchless Construction)
Water Well Drilling
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
Coal Bed Methane (CBM)

DC Solid control designs and manufactures the compact drilling mud system from 200GPM upto 2000GPM for HDD, water well drilling etc. Customized ! Compact ! Module- Built! Please contact us if you have interest or requirements.

At the begining of Chinese spring festival, DC Machinery has a set of solid control system prepared to shipped to Poland. The user was our repeat clients for about 3 years. They purchased DC500GPM, DC1000GPM CBM drilling recycling mud system in 2014. So we had already build the good business relationship.

solid control system

The following solid control system mainly includes:

1. One set DCS630 linear motion shale shaker. Shale shaker is the first class separation equipment of whole mud cleaning system. Our DCS630 shale shakers has 3 screen pannels, large screen area can get the better treating efficiency.

2. One set DCQJ100x8/250×1 mud cleaner. The mud cleaner installed after the shale shaker which to be as the second class separation equipment. The molde mud cleaner equipped 1 ea 10″ and 8 ea 4″ high abrasion resistance polyurethane hydrocyclones. The desander and desilter main inlet pipe and outlet pipe are arranged between the control valve, can adjust the desander and desilter work quantity, simple operation, easy maintenance.


3. Three sets centrifugal pumps to feed material for desander, desilter. The SB6x5-13 centrifugal pump with 30kw motor power.  DCSB series centrifugal pump also as infusion pump of mud pump and the wellhead supply pump. The product centrifugal pump of our company is fully consider the mating equipment can work under the best condition.

4. A complete of solid control quick wear spare parts of shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, slurry pump for one year.

DC Machinery is a company focuses on solids control systems’ production, sales and after-sales maintenance service.  Welcome to your inquiry of solid control system for HDD, CBM and oilfield, and drilling waste management system.

Solid control system is a unit of removal solid from drilling fluid which is an essential parts for a completion drill site.  Solid control system  not only can save drilling cost bur also can effective protect the environment. How we efficiency use the solid control system to get the best effect.

drilling solid control system

To achieve effective solids control system, the following should be deployed:

1. Obtain an effective, dependable, and durable solids control system.
2. Ensure that the solids control system acquired is:
a. Hydraulically balanced
b. Is capable of making both a scalp cut and a fine cut.
c. Has sufficient drilling fluid mixing and re-circulating capacity.

3. Do not by pass the shale shaker or other solid control equipment while drilling.
4. Use the smallest mesh screen possible on the shale shaker. This will change from formation to formation and will require operators
to maintain a variety of screens on hand.
5. Maintain an adequate inventory of recommended spare parts and screens.
6. Certify and assign rig personnel to be responsible for equipment operation & maintenance.

a. Request equipment commissioning and training for OEM.

b. Discuss possible written training programs that may be available from OEM.


DC Solid control have a new design of drilling cutting management system to meet government requirements to drill site and

Zero discharge of drilling mud” is generated relative to traditional drilling waste management mode. During the traditional drilling
process, mud pit is built at the drilling site for drilling waste management. That is, drilling waste is discharged to the mud pit at
ground level for next-stage treatment, or even directly buried. This traditional discharge mode causes serious pollution and great
harm to the environment and human life.

vertical cutting dryer

Advantages of zero discharging management system

1. Minimization of environmental risk
Drilling waste fluid treated by waste mud processing system realizes the” zero discharging” and eliminate the potential pollution
risk of drilling waste is situ curing,Which is not only keep drilling site clean, but also meet the requirements of environmental

2. Drilling fluid waste zero discharging system combined the “process treatment and “termination treatment” into one, and drill site
doesn’t need to dig mud pool, to keep the soil ecological security and environmental protection.

3. Drilling waste resource recovery
Moisture content of mud cake produced by solid and liquid separation can be controled within 20%, which is the inexpensive
ingredients for brickyard and ceramsite factory, also can be used as microbial soil to realize solid waste recycling.

Water base drilling fluid is use the water as dispersion medium, it is a sol Suspension hybrid system. The major components are
water, clay, additive and all kinds of chemical treating agent. There are five stages of the base water drilling fluid, the nature
drilling fluid (1904-1921), fine dispersion drilling fluid (1921-1946), coarse dispersion drilling fluid (1946-1937), don’t spread
low solid phase drilling fluid (1966 until now).

water base drilling fluid

The water base drilling fluid is divided into;

1 The fresh water drilling fluid. The content of sodium chloride is less than 10mg/cm&sup3, the content of calcium ion is less than 0.12mg/cm³。
2 The saline drilling fluid ( seawater and salt water drilling fluid included). The content of sodium chloride is higher than
3 The saturated salt water drilling fluid. It is saturated solution with a kind or various soluble salt.
4 The calcium treatment drilling fluid. The content of calcium ion is less than 0.12mg/cm&sup3.
5 The hybrid emulsion drilling fluid, it has the water base drilling fluid with 3%-40% emulsified oil.
6 The don’t disperse and low solid phase polymer drilling fluid, the contend of solid phase is less than 4%, it has the moderate
7 The potassium base drilling fluid, the content of the potassium chloride is higher than 3%, from 1978, it was used in our country
oil field.
8 The polymer drilling fluid. The polymer as the main body, the ingredients is viscosity reducer, filtrate reducer, prevent collapse
agent, lubricant and all kinds of chemical treating agent. It is a new drilling fluid system developed in the 1980s.

Drilling fluid was used in the mid-1800s in the cable tool( percussion) drilling to suspend the cuttings until bailed from the drilled hole. With the advent of rotary drilling in the water well-drilling industry.

Drilling fluid was well understood to cool the drill bit and to suspend drilled cuttings for removal from the wellbore.  Clay were being added to the drilling fluid by the 1890s and by the time spindletop was discovered in 1901. It was considered necessary to have suspended solids( clay) in the drilling fluid to support the walls of the borehole.

drilling fluid

These solids resulted from the disaggregation of formations penetrated by the drill bit. If the penetrated formations failed to yield sufficient clay in the drilling process, clay was mined on the surface from a nearby source and added to the drilling fluid. These were native mud created either by ” mud making formations” or, as mentioned, by adding specific materials from a surface source.

drilling mud

Drilling fluid was recirculated and water  added to maintain the best weight and viscosity for specific drilling conditions. Cuttings, or pieces of formation that were not dissolved by water, required removal from the drilling fluid to continue the drilling operation. Under the sole discretion of the driller or tool pusher, a system of pits and ditches was dug on-site to separate cuttings from the drilling fluid by gravity settling. This system included a ditch from the well, or possibly a bell nipple, settling pits, and a suction pit from which the “clean” mud was picked up by the mud pump and recirculated.

DC attended to the 2014 America OTC on 5th-8th May, this is our first time to take part in OTC.

At the present, OTC have already been the most important exhibition of oil& gas exploitation in the word. The exhibition attracted the word’s major oil companies and a number of international excellent petroleum machinery suppliers and buyer from all over the word.


Meanwhile, we can have a technology exchange with our long terms cooperation partner and know more friends and engineer in the Oil& gas industry. In the exhibition DC solids control attracted a lot of visitors because DC have been known as a leading brand in the world for the liquid and solids separation technology, and other reasons because DC always take the unique designed products of the latest technology to share in the offshore technology.


Fortunately for us, there is a clients from America is very satisfied with our equipment based on our high quality and lower price, the clients want to be as our agency in Houston, we talked many issures about the cooperation, and he will visiting our factory this month.

It doesn’t matter if we can’t meet in OTC, we will taking part in ADIPEC in November, so if you have interests with DC Solid control or if you are focus on Oil&gas drilling, horizontal direction drilling( HDD), CBM drilling, geothermal environmental waste and other mud cleaning system please go to ADIPEC and talked with us.

DC Solids Control attend CIPPE ( China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Exhibition ) begain last year in order to link with international market . As China manufacturer, DC focus on international market and domestic high-end market, to serve all over the world customer with high quality and excellent technology products.

This year we have a plan to attend to Dubai Petroleum equipment and technology exhibition on Nov. DC solid control will expand the occupation rate of international market. Except for building supply relationship with overseas national oil service company and we will establish overseas branches at oil rich countries and areas to support local business development.


CIPPE 2014 General Info:

Show Add:  China International Exhibition Center, Beijing ( No.88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing, China )
Show Time:  March 19-21, 2014
DC Booth No. : W2 A2650

solid control1

What solid control equipment DC will show on March:

1.Two sets decanter centrifuge, one is the frequency conversion and the other is Fixed frequency centrifuge.
2.A set of DCS700-3 long motor shale shaker to be as the key of the whole mud cleaning system.
3.The disk high treating capacity mud cleaner.

Attention please:

1. If you have intersts to visite please email to us adela@dcmudcleaningequipment.com, We will help to arrange visa, hotels,exhibition register and factory visit for our targeting overseas customers Contact us Now.
2. Pleae Remember our booth number is W2 A2650. If you have requirements or something not clearly about drilling fluid recycling system, you can visit our exhibition, we have the professional solid control engineer who focus on the industry about 15 years can help you face on face.
3. If you miss the BeiJing CIPPE exhibition don’t worry please, you can go Dubai to meet us on Nov.