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Shale shakers and mud cleaners are respectively the second and third stage solid control equipment of drilling mud circulating system. DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of mud equipment for many years. 80% of business is internation relationship.

Shale shakers and mud cleaners are very common in solids control system that do solids separation job from the first to forth stage. The shale shaker is located at the very beginning of the mud recycling system for primary solids control; the coarse cuttings could be removed by the shale shaker. While after treated by the shale shaker, the drilling fluids would be transferred to the mud cleaner for further treatment.

solid control

Just as we mentioned before blog that mud cleaner is the combination of mud de-sander and mud de-silter, that is to say DCQJ mud cleaner series will provide the both function of separating mud and separating sand in your oil drilling fields, that’s why it has been so popular in overseas marketing.

For shale shaker, there are linear motion shale shaker and balanced shale shaker for different fields, and linear motion shale shaker is more popular in overseas marketing.

About Mud Cleaner & Shale Shaker for Drilling, we will stop here now, and if you have any interesting about our other solid control equipment, such as shear pump, or our drilling waste management, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Mud cleaner is the second class in the drilling fluid system, separate the drilling fluid which is disposed by the first class. Mud cleaner is made of a group of hydrocyclone, a shale shaker and the shunted tubes. The upper is a group of hydrocyclone, the under part is a detail shale shaker.

The process of the mud cleaner disposed the drilling fluid divided into two steps. The first step; the drilling fluid is separated into the over flow and the bottom flow with the different density, the over flow return the drilling fluid circulating system, the bottom flow drop on the detail shale shaker.


The second step; the high density bottom flow is divided into two parts by the detail shale shaker, one part is the barites and the particles which is less than the mesh through the screen, the other part is the particles which is bigger than the mesh is eliminated by the screen, usually the screen is between 100mesh and 325 mesh, the 150 mesh is widely used.

Compared with the Deserter and the Desander, the mud cleaner have the characteristics of the throughput is big, out faster, the structure is compact and it is easy to operate and maintain, Integrated the advantages of the hydrocyclone and shale shaker, it can quickly remove the harmful solid phase in the drilling fluid, improve the performance of the drilling fluid , meet the requirements of the new process of the high pressure jet drilling.

Drillingmud cleaner  is also called Desander and Desilter assembly,which is the combination of desander,desilter and an underflow screen.Namely,mud cleaners consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

DC Solid control mud cleaners offer both high performance and versatility for the operator.  This integration of advanced equipment puts forth a unit that can handle large volumes of circulating fluids and is able to retain fluid integrity.

mud cleaner1

With our in-house engineering and design capabilities,DC Solid control can integrate any number of hydrocyclone arrangements with any of our shakers.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

1. High G-force linear motion—adjustable up to 7.8 G—enables more aggressive screening and increased solids conveyance, improving solids separation.
2. The desander includes three 10-in. (305-mm) diameter polyurethane hydrocyclones that can process a total of 1,200 gal/min (4.54 m3
/min), enabling the operator to maintain most normal drilling operations.
3. Each hydrocyclone includes a wear-resistant polyurethane liner that protects the cones and increases the life of the cone.
4. Shaker screens supplied with preinstalled rubber seals require no deck rubbers or wear strips on the shaker basket, preventing solids from bypassing shaker screens and reducing consumable costs.

mud cleaner2

DCQJ Series mud cleaner  is a normal model of our company,we can design customized cost-effective mud Cleaner for customers special needs.Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling Syste

In many cases, mud cleaner combinations of vibration motor, desilter cones and desander cones are used together to provide an effective separation. The most familiar combination separator is called Mud Cleaner.

Vibration motor

Vibration motor is the power source of shale shaker and mud cleaner. Usually a mud cleaner or shale shaker will using 2 sets vibration motors whose power are 1.72, 1.5 or 1.8kw. DC Solid control shale shaker and mud cleaners vibration motors are from Italy OLI and Martin or customized by clients different requirements.


Desilter cones

The desilter round and inline desilters are designed to remove silt-sized (12-74 microns) solids from drilling fluids. Both the round and inline desilters are available in 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-cone models, which results in a maximum capacity of 1600 GPM at 75 feet of head. The inline desilter is also available in a stand-alone model.

desilter cones

Desander cones

Desanders cones make separations between 40 and 100 microns, and of fer the flexibility of mounting either one, two, or three 10″ desander cones over a cone underflow pan. Each 10″ hydrocyclone processes 500 GPM at 75 feet of head, allowing for a maximum capacity of 1,500 GPM.

desander cones

Desander or desilter cones choose wear resisting special polyurethane material with excellent resistance to fluid scouring and corrosion resistance. Smooth inlet tangential feeding is conducive to improve the efficiency of separation.

Mud cyclones are arranged in the form of circular distribution to make sure pressure equalization.We can allocate different numbers of cyclone desanding and desiltering cyclone according to user requirements configuration.

We got a new order of mud cleaner from Kazahstan this month. The reason why the customer choose DC Solid control to be their supplier is they saw our solid control system worked in Siberia, then called us to inquiry our equipment.

The customer is a oil and gas drilling service company in Kazahstan. Now they have 13 set drill rigs worked in different areas. He knew our equipment from a Russian client. Thanks for all of my client trust me and satisfied with DC Solid control.

This is the mud cleaner manufacturing pictures for your reference.

mud cleaners

Mud cleaners were developed in the early 1970s to remove fine drilled solids from weighted mud without excessive loss of barite and fluid. Mud cleaners use 4″? or 5″cyclones and 8′, 10″ and 12″ cones mounted over a vibrating screen, and are able to effectively process 400-600 GPM. The process capacity is limited by screen capacity and its ability to discard dry solids.   With the introduction of linear motion vibrating screens, the capacity of the mud cleaner screen has been greatly increased.

DC Solid control can design and manufacture all kinds of mud cleaners according to clients different requirements, if you have interest with mud cleaner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


MUD CLEANER efficient removes sand and silt particles as large as 20 microns and as small as 15 microns. MUD CLEANER comprises one D-SANDER, one D-SILTER and one shaker. The D-SANDER and D-SILTER hydroclones are mounted over the screening surface of the shaker to create a high volume MUD CLEANER.\

Mud cleaners are normally positioned in the same location as desliters in a drilling fluid system . Frequently, the desilters, or hydrocyclones, are used in the unweighted portion of a borehole by diverting the underflow away from the mud tanks. When a weighting agent, barite or hematite, is added to the system, screens are placed on the mud cleaner shakers. Solid discarded from the hydrocyclones are sieved to discard solids mostly larger than barite and return solids smaller than the
screen size with most of the liquid phase.


In some areas, mud cleaner discards do contain almost all barite. This is an indication that the formations being drilled are dispersing into the drilling fluid. Formations containing large quantities of smectite drilled with a freshwater drilling fluid will tend do disperse into very small particles. This is an indication that the drilling fluid should be more inhibitive. Generally, the mud cleaner should be shut down and a centrifuge used to remove the very small particles.


Features of Mud Cleaner

- High “G” Force
- Up to 8-16 4″ desilters per unit
- Up to 1-3 10″ desanders per unit
- Simple design
- Rugged and reliable
- High performance
- Low maintenance
- Quick screen panel changes
- Small footprint
- No lubrication
- Low noise

You are welcome to call Dachuan Machinery to get more info about the mud cleaner and we are appreciated to supply the cost-effective products and service for you.