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Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid.

Decanter centrifuge is a mechanical equipment which utilize the principle of centrifugal and sedimentation and can carry out continual separate the suspend liquid with density difference. The centrifuges which made by out factory can clarify, dehydrate and classify the suspensions with 0.002-3 mm solid-phase particles and thickness range at 0.5~40%.


Following the increasing of market request, more and more manufacturer can supply decanter centrifuge and used in many fields. Different manufactures have different designs and efficiency. The following is DC Solid control decanter centrifuge main advantages which is suitable for using in oil&gas drilling, waste water treatment and other industries.

decanter centrifuge

Advantages of DCLW series decanter centrifuge
1. Stainless Steel 316 bowl, conveyor and main body resist corrosion and prolong service life.
2. Tungsten alloy tile protects conveyor from wearing and increases solids conveying efficiency.
3. Replaceable tungsten carbon allay ring protects solids discharge port.
4. German FAG or Sweden SKF Bearings
5. Electrical components: SIEMENS/Schneider, ATEX or IEC Ex for option.
6. 3 overload safety protection: the first is the safety protection device of the gear box, the second is the hydraulic coupler overload protection, and the third is the control panel with over currency protection.

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Drilling fluid centrifuge is the fourth stage separation equipment in solid control system. Centrifuges can be used many industries, such as oil&gas drilling, waste water treatment, food and chemical industries.

And the decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil& gas drilling. Decanter centrifuge is used in drilling mud system for separating suspension of solids phase with particle diameter(d≥2μm) for drilling mud circulation and drilling fluids recycling. Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial services, drilling mud centrifuge is especially effective in environmentally sensitive areas.


Drilling mud decanter centrifuges are equipped with either fixed or variable speed arrangement on the main drive enabling the operator to adjust the bowl speed between 1200 and 3850 rpm within a few seconds.  This option, combined with variable conveyor speed, gives a unique dimension to the use of decanters for drilling fluids treatment. The optimum speed for solids removal for a specific cut point depends on the composition of the drilling fluid and the nature of the drill cuttings.

decanter centrifuge

The liquid drilling mud is fed into this long cylindrical bowl, where the centrifugal force presses it outwards to form a layer – known as the pond – around the wall. The thickness of this layer is determined by a series of discharge weirs at the end of the cylindrical section. The clarified liquid flows out over these weirs, with the aid of centrifugal force. Since the solids in the mud are heavier, they remain plastered against the bowl wall, and are continuously removed by the screw conveyor. They are then transported up to the conical section (known as the beach) where they exit via the discharge ports at the narrow end. Cleaned drilling mud exits at the opposite end.

DC Solid control decanter centrifuge supplier provides the advantage of high efficiency operation compared to traditional separation systems. It was necessary to develop continuing systems in order to reduce the increasing company costs and for the growing industry to be able to adjust itself to the acquired achievements.

Application flexibility

Decanters provide practically high efficiency results under fluctuations at product inlet, differences in process conditions and even at different characteristics of various products. This capability enables reliable and regular operation.


Operational conditions

Appropriate body designs and isolation systems can be applied for steam proof or pressurized processes between 0-8 bars. The designs and machinery are available for cleaning in place (CIP) systems to be used in extremely low and extremely high temperature conditions, explosive atmosphere standards and hygienic environments.


Operation of the decanter became fully automatic with the use of modern devices and control units. The ability to control whole facility from a central control room enables the decanter to be operated with no personnel.


Easy installation

It is possible to install the decanter easily and quickly thanks to its design and all the required functions integrated in single unit. Low vibration levels and active support system of DCLW decanters centrifuge eliminate complex and expensive base construction. Auxiliary equipments and connections are not needed. Corrosion and wear protection process specific materials highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion are used in decanter manufacturing.

Personnel safety

Closed design of the decanters and the availability of high- tech safety systems ensure high safety for the operator and the maintenance personnel.

Low space requirement

With its excellent design and high processing capacity, the decanter requires a lot less space compared to alternative systems.


DC Solid control decanting centrifuges are designed to deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control. Together, that adds up to a significant reduction in the operator’s total fluids cost and less waste for disposal.


Benefits: Increased Operational Efficiencies

Decreases drilling costs & waste volume.
Comes in various sizes to meet your need.
Can optimize selected unit for maximum solids removal & barite recovery.
Provides optimal torque control, high separation efficiency & high flow capacity.
Maximized internal wear surfaces extend the unit’s operating life before a scheduled rebuild is necessary.
Provides sufficient spare capacity within operations for quick change out if an unexpected breakdown occurs.


Design Advantages:

• Built for removing colloidal-sized drill solids and weight material or liquid phase recovery.
• Bowl speed adjustable from 1,373 to 4,000 rpm with 375 to 3,100 Gs of centrifugal force.
• Cut points of 2 microns attainable
• Pond depth easily adjusted
• Mechanically rugged design for oilfield applications
• Automatic shut-down features:
– Thermal overload
– Excessive vibration
– Feed pump
– High torque
– Open covers

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decanter centrifuge

DCLW364 VFD centrifuge is the frequency conversion centrifuge, it has a independent frequency control box to control centrifuge drum rotary speed and get the different treating capacity. Now this model of centrifuge have been accepted by many users based on its flexible operation and lower price.

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