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Before centrifuge and Hydrocyclone input oil drilling solid control can control drilling fluid solid phase content method only has shale shaker and dilution.

So the small particles can’t be eliminated by shale shaker only according dilute to control the solid phase content. In the process of using aggravating drilling fluid, if the solid phase content reach to the maximum volume and drilling cuttings constantly enter into drilling fluid, it needs continual replenish pure water to control drilling fluid viscosity.

At the same time need add barites to control drilling fluid density, so will produce the surplus drilling fluid, the processing cost is expensive.

In order to solve the problem, horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge begin used in solid control system and gradually become the important solid control equipment.

When centrifuge operate, the drum high speed rotate, drilling fluid enter into the drum according centrifugal pump, because the effect of centrifugal force improve the suspended solid phase sedimentation speed and separation efficiency, drilling fluid obtain rapidly solid-liquid separation.

At present, in horizontal solid control process, drilling fluid centrifuge is deemed to the last processing equipment. Shale shaker and hydrocyclone is used to separate and eliminate big drilling cuttings, centrifuge is used to separate and eliminate small particles and supper fine particles, this is the big difference of centrifuge, shale shaker and hydrocyclone.

Using centrifuge eliminate can increase viscosity and shearing force, and also can recover more value big size aggravating solid phase.


The drilling mud centrifuge is used for the recovery of barite, cleaning the fine solid phases, decreasing the volume of solid phases in the drilling mud and guaranteeing the performance of drilling mud. The centrifuge produced by Tangshan Dachuan Machinery has the advantage of high cleaning efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance.

When separate to aggravate drilling fluid, the coarse particles enter into the bottom flow, but the fine particles (bentonite and low density solid phase) enter into overflow. The separation of overflow, it is separating the small particles in processed drilling fluid and diluents, it can decrease the particles’ concentration and the failure rate of solid control equipment, reduce the requirement of dilution.

Firstly we should know a theory, centrifuge is same as drilling fluid shale shake and hydrocyclone, they are all solid phase eliminate equipment. In the process of drilling, the centrifugal separation to aggravate drilling fluid replace the dilution method, it is not recover the barite in waste fluid. It also can eliminate the colloid particles and super fine particles, in order to improve the performance of drilling fluid.


Under some cases, drilling teams uses centrifuge from beginning to completing drilling, and obtain the best benefit. Because some drilling teams uses low density drilling fluid to drill after drilling with a long times, it is aggravated before collapse and high pressure. So the centrifuge has two risks in a cycle. It is mainly eliminate big solid phase particles to not aggravate drilling fluid.

Using centrifuge dispose drilling fluid, is using proper, the economic benefit is very considerable, such as it can decrease the cost of drilling fluid allocation, transportation and decrease the pressure difference and jamming drilling.     

How to use proper

When use not water-based to drill, the viscosity of liquid phase is hypersensitive to temperature, but viscosity is the one of most important factor of effecting sedimentation, the high viscosity drilling fluid decrease the centrifugal rate of centrifuge, so to oil based drilling fluid, the viscosity is more high, we often use heating methods to decrease viscosity.

Correctly use centrifuge

When centrifuge is used with other solid control equipments, we must monitor the using of centrifuge. We should check volume and components of discharge fluid and ensure the separated solid phase particles volume of low and high density is simple. Sometimes we should analyse the particle size of feeding, bottom and overflow particles.

Maintenance methods

1 General, the normal through times of centrifuge is 10-80s, usually is 30-50s.

2 In practical application, the throughput capacity of centrifuge is expressed by feeding speed.

3 The intrant diluents and entered drilling fluid should be weighed, in order to keep the drilling fluid has proper viscosity and obtain the good separation effect.

4 The drum speed should be adjusted by the expert operation staff.

5 Before start centrifuge, because liquid in machine and solid phase particles are can’t be removed clearly, it sinks to one side, when start, unbalanced quality can cause vibrate or the spiral blade is locked.

DC promise

Dachuan Machinery Co.,ltd. as a active company and the products source, we promise we must provide the most advanced centrifuge and the lowest price, we have professional operation staff and maintenance personnel, we can provide the correct operation methods and lifelong maintenance for you .