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DC Drilling fluid agitator mainly used for the mixing of drilling fluid to prevent the solid particles of the drilling fluid from sedimenting during the circulation process, so that the drilling fluid is mixed uniformly and stably.


Mud Agitators Features & Benefits
1. Helical-bevel gearbox
2. Explosion-proof electric motor
3. Able to process 20 ppg drilling fluid
4. Power available ranging from 2.2 to 22KW
5. Compact, quiet, smooth and easy to maintain.


DC Solid control is a leader in China’s solids control industry and expert in drilling waste management. DC is capable of providing customers with such four series as oil & gas drilling mud solids control equipment, centrifuges, drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment, including Linear Motion Shale Shaker,Decanter Centrifuge ,Mud Cleaner,Desander, Desilter,Vacuum Degasser,Diesel tank,Screw Pump,Water Tank,Submersible Slurry Pump,Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker,Mud Tank,Shear Pump,Mud Agitator,Jet Mud Mixer,Mud Gun,Centrifugal Pump, Decanter Centrifuge,vertical cuttings dryer,Hi-G Dryer,Screw Conveyor,Mud/Gas Separator,Hydrocyclone,Shale Shaker Screen,Ignition Device,and can also customize packaged design and matching products of oil & gas drilling rigs for drilling contractors.

If you have any requirements please contact us freely. We will provide most professional technical support


Mechanical agitator is widely used in the ground tank of drilling fluid. Mechanical agitator is made of drive motor, gear reducer, gearbox output shaft and impeller.

Requirements of China customer

Different customer has different requirements of mechanical agitator, such as our Iraq customer want turbo agitator.


Turbo agitator

Turbo agitator belongs to low viscosity fluid agitator, it is the famous type of drilling mud agitator, it can almost completes all agitating operation and dispose the wide viscosity fluid. The turbo agitator is divided into open type and disk type. Turbo agitator has big shearing force, it adapt to low viscosity and medium viscosity fluid.

DC JBQ 11 mud agitator

DC JBQ11 mud agitator is composed by explosion-proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impeller components. The electric machine, reducer and impeller shaft are connected with each other by solid couplings. 4 leaf blades were welded on each impeller.

mud agitator

Unique features

The motor is import form Siemens
The connection parts are all stainless
The reducer is the renowned brands from domestic.
The bearing is from Sweden SKF.
Oil seal is import oil seal.
The original of control cabinet are all Siemens.

DC Solid control manufacturer all kinds of motor mud agitator, if you have any requirements please contact us, there you will getting the most professional technology guidance.

Mud Agitators mix and agitate the drilling mud that is used to prevent solid particles from depositing in the circular tank. This is also used to stabilize the work of drilling fluid. The Impeller shaft present in the mechanical Agitator transforms mechanical power into fluid circulation. The Mud Agitator can be obtained from the Mud Agitator Manufacturer in China and are generally available in horsepower such as 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 25HP and 30HP.


Solid Control Mud Agitators act as mud mixers on mud tank. On a usual process these agitators should rotate at 60-70 rpm. Our high performance equipment is appreciated among clients all over India. If there is a large quantity of mud present in the site then large torque mud agitator will be required.

mud agitator

DC Solid control offer best range of Mud Agitator which works continuously at the drilling site by delivering optimum results. Our Principles has made us to supply our highly technological equipment to the power plants which are present in abroad.

Please contact us today to learn more about our mud agitators. For quote request please provide the following information: Tank Dimensions, Mud Weight, Range, Horsepower, Impeller Size. Shaft Length.

Mud Agitator is usually used in mud mixing tank to keep mud unformity. The agitator is featured by compact construction, light weight, low noise and strong agitating power.

DCe provide mud agitators  in different motor power from 5 HP to 30Hp or as per customers requirements.A mud gun is designed for use in a solids control system of a drilling rig.


The oilfield mud tank agitator is configured with an explosion-proof motor, reduction gearbox, impeller, and shaft with assembly bushings. Canted blade impeller are commonly used. Horsepower, mechanical configuration, impeller diameter, number of impeller and shaft length are customized to tank dimensions and maximum mud weights. Here is a list of our recommended configuration.

mud agitator

Our quality manufactured heavy duty and easy operation agitators are the best choice for your drilling mud tank agitation system.

JBQ series mud Agitator is a very important equipment of solid control system which is located in the mud tanks. A mud agitator is used in surface mud systems to suspend solids and maintain homogeneous mixture throughout the system. A mechanical agitator is driven by an explosion-proof motor, coupled to a gear box that drives the impeller shaft.

mud agitator

Mud agitator shaft and impellers are custom built items. They are decided by tank size, whole volume, mud property, and so on. Please contact agitators manufacturer for more detail prior to purchase.

For whole drilling mud system, we’ll operate mud guns together with agitators. The agitators provide general agitation and generate large swirl around shaft. Mud gun will be an assistant equipment kill the dead corner and transfer mud between compartments.

DC Solid control is pleased to offer a full-line of Mud Agitators. Mud Agitator available in 2.2-15Kw, our extreme-duty mud agitators featuer the rugged and reliable , gear box for long-lasting performance. Please contact me to get more infor of mud agitators


DCJBQ Series Mud Agitators are used for agitating mud slurry for obtaining consistency through proper blending in flow controlled applications.

DCJBQ Mud Agitators have been designed keepingin mind the oilfield’s most severe mud mixing conditions at any weight. It’s rugged and sturdy design requires lower maintenance. Mud Agitators are highly energy efficien.


DC have compact design and their low profile reduces headroom requirements providing more layout space on top of the tanks for other equipment. The low center of gravity ensures stability and safety should sudden shock loads be encountered by the Impeller.

mud agitator

DC Mud agitators are available in four models ranging from 2.2kw to 15kw. Impellers range from 20″ to 52″ and are available in , Canted, Flat or Turbine blade design.

DCJBQ Mud Agitator combines compact design with high torque performance levels necessary for a uniformly suspended flow of drilled solids throughout the mud systems.

Powered by 1500RPM (4 pole) explosion proof motor and connected through heavy duty gear reducer, this mud agitator transfers high torque at RPM to Impeller to perform the most severe mud mixing conditions.

mud agitator

Impellers are available in three types viz. six blade mixed flow turbine type, four blade axial flow type and three blade twisted profile type to achieve highest performance in different site and mud conditions.


Gear reducers are worm type or helibevel type depending on the choice of the user. Standard models are available in 20 H.P. & 10 H.P. capacity.

5 H.P. Chemical Mixer with inline gear reducer of 15:1 reduction with stainless steel impeller and impeller shaft is provided along with 5’ X 5’ X 6’ treatment tank is a single unit.

Please contact us today to learn more about our mud agitators. For quote request please provide the following information: Tank Dimensions, Mud Weight Range, Horsepower, Impeller Size, Shaft Length.

DC Solid control shipped many sets mud agitator and sand pump in the first working day. Firstly thanks to my Indonesia cliens agreed delivered the goods after Chinese spring festival.

The mud agitators in the order

This order totally includes 12 sets mud agitators, there are 4 sets JBQ7.5 Mud agitators and 8 sets JBQ15 mud agitators. All the shaft of the agitator equipped the stabilizer to ensure the stability during working.


The sand pumps in the order

This order include 6 sets sand pump. The model is SB6x8-13 with 55kw motors. The sand pump mainly feed for desander and desilter. The sand pumps adopt international advanced level of high wear – resistant hard alloy mechanical seal , has a long service life . And auxiliary seal use packing seal , to prevent accidents.


All drilling mud equipment produced by DC Machinery is certified with API Standards and motors are explosion-proof. Besides that all component of each mud equipment use China and International famous brand. We also can customized specifical equipment according to different users demand.

Mud agitator, also called drilling mud agitator, used for drilling fluid agitation mix, prevent drilling fluid solid particles in the tank circulation system deposit, cycle drilling fluid performance stability, mixed evenly. To be as a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment company, DC Solid control designs many models mud agitators, such as JBQ2.2, JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11, JBQ15.

mud agitator

DCSJBQ Series Mechanical agitator is driven by an explosion-proof motor, coupled to a gear box that drives the impeller shaft. The impellers (turbines) transform mechanical power into fluid circulation or agitation. The objective is to obtain a uniform suspension of all solids. Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, this product is featured by compact construction, light weight, balanced transmission, low noise, high efficiency of transmission and strong agitating power. Therefore, it is a reliable product in the solids control system.


Mud agitator using circular cylindrical worm reducer, shaft section for the circular cylindrical worm, turbine profile for turbine phase conjugate circle. The bump tooth close reliable performance, high efficiency, compact structure. Usually, more than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission, the revolution is steady, it works reliably and has great merit.

DC give full consideration to improve the mud agitator performance, through a large number of application based on the practice of developed, high efficiency, stirring intensity big, maintenance convenient highly competitiveness in the market of mud agitator.

DC mud agitator has high efficiency and wide usage, compact structure, big intensity stirring, easy maintenance and other significant advantages.


The movable type mud agitator is mainly used in mine avoiding fire, put on a fire and injecting mud, it is belong to mine under well prevent fire and put on fire special equipment.

mud agitator


The movable type mud agitator is made of rack, agitating tank, reducer, impeller mud, mud pump, mud pump motor, control cabinet and swivel caster. The agitating tank, mud pump, mud pump motor and control cabinet are all installed on the rack, there are many swivel casters are installed on the under part of the rack. Agitating motor and reducer is installed the up part of agitating tank, the reducer under part install impellers, there are outlet mud hole on flank of agitating tank under part. The injection mud mouth of mud pump connected with outlet mouth of agitating tank, the outlet mouth of mud pump connected with mud pipeline, mud pump motor matched install with mud pump.


Movable agitator is a kind of mine put on fire equipment of control agitating integration. It has the characteristics of conveniently move, connecting easy, put on fire fast, the source of injection mud material is wide and the cost is lower can meet the different fire type and use the different extinguish material.