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DC Drilling fluid agitator mainly used for the mixing of drilling fluid to prevent the solid particles of the drilling fluid from sedimenting during the circulation process, so that the drilling fluid is mixed uniformly and stably.


Mud Agitators Features & Benefits
1. Helical-bevel gearbox
2. Explosion-proof electric motor
3. Able to process 20 ppg drilling fluid
4. Power available ranging from 2.2 to 22KW
5. Compact, quiet, smooth and easy to maintain.


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Acooring to 15 days production. DC Solid control finished an order of 25 sets JBQ15 Drilling Mud Agitator For Pakistan users. This morning, the mud agitators were delivering to port.

To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably.This agitator agitates the mud to make cuttings, silt and sand pass the solids control system without being precipitated onto the tank bottom.


Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, this product is featured by compact construction, light weight, balanced transmission, low noise, high efficiency of transmission and strong agitating power. Therefore, it is a reliable product in the solids control sys

JBQ series mud Agitator, Less than 5.5 kW drilling mud Agitator adopts the blender cycloid speed reducer, and it is applied to the drug liquids mixing tank. This mud agitator has the advantage of compact structure so it occupies small area.

mud agitator

More than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission、 the revolution is steady、it works reliablely and has great merit. Common model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5kW 、JBQ7.5kW 、JBQ11kW and JBQ15kW.The drilling mud agitator is an important components for DC Solids Control drilling fluids processing system.

Mud Agitator is widely used in the mud solids control system. Mud Agitator is used in mud systems to suspend solids and maintain homogeneous mixture throughout the system. At this week, we free to shipped 2 sets mud agitator for our old clients in Russian.

The JBQ15 Mud agitator is a double-reduction helical gear designed primarily for applications requiring more than 15 horsepower. Up to 95% mechanical efficiency helps reduce horsepower requirements. The 1:1 ratio of height-to-width of both horizontally mounted drive designs results in a low center of gravity and requires less overhead space.

mud agitator

Both DC horizontal and vertical drive configurations are available for all sizes of mud agitators. The horizontal drive is designed for installations having limited space above the mud tank. The vertical drive agitator employs and all helical gearing system, the horizontal drive utilises a helical bevel system to drive the agitator shaft.

DCJBQ series agitator has been the industry standard for many years. Its rugged design, simplicity and dependability have made it the preferred choice of a majority of operators and contractors. The low profile of horizontal agitators reduces headroom requirements.

The impeller of mud agitator is secured to the shaft by a locking plate and prevented from rotating by a key inserted into the impeller shaft. SCL recommend that the impeller vertical location on the shaft is determined as a height from the tank bottom corresponding to the impeller diameter times 0.75. For example a 20” impeller should be mounted 15” above the bottom.


Mud agitator Impellers are available in diameters ranging from 20” to 52” to meet the needs of the specific size of mud tanks. The impeller diameter is generally determined by the size of the tank. Larger or deeper tanks employ dual impeller units having a secondary impeller mounted closer to the mud surface. The impeller is mounted on the shaft using a taper lock bushing. A key is inserted in the impeller shaft and locks the impeller to the shaft to prevent rotation.

The straight blade configuration disperses mud laterally while the canted impeller blade adds a vertical component to the mixing process. Canted impeller blades are recommended for near the bottom of tanks more than 5” deep, or where other forces of flow factor may be absent in the tank.

Shafts and Impellers can be constructed from different materials including Stainless Steel and Hardox.

Mud agitator is part of the drilling fluids solids control equipment, which is mainly used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the circulating tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluids. High Efficiency Mud Agitators range from 3hp to 20hp and are standard off the shelf units.

All DC Solid control mud agitators feature a brand motor coupled to a mud agitator rugged oilfield gearbox, which eliminates misalignment and troublesome couplings. This configuration promotes longer motor and gearbox bearing life. This highly efficient gearbox offers a 95% power transfer, which is approximately 30% more than a worm drive gearbox.

mud agitators

Explosion-proof motor of mud agitator:

The motors DC Solids Control used is brand motors in China, and as you required, we choose different types of motors for the agitator.

Shaft of mud agitators:

Manufactured of solid, mild steel bar, the shaft is coupled to the gear reduction assembly with a rigid coupling. All shafts are keyed at the bottom for adjusting the height of the impeller. Depending on the model, shaft diameters range from 1 3/4 to 3 1/2 inches. agitator impeller Shaft length is determined by tank depth and should be carefully reviewed before ordering.

Impeller of mud agitators:

Impellers range in size from 24″ to 52″ and can displace over 18,000 gpm. The canted blade impeller , used in tanks deeper than five feet, promotes axial as well as radial flow.

7.5 kW above mud agitator using turbine worm reduction drive, has the transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc advantages. DC give full consideration to improve the mud agitator performance, through a large number of application based on the practice of developed, high efficiency, stirring intensity big, maintenance convenient highly competitiveness in the market of mud agitator.

All personnel responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of this equipment should read the following safety precautions to prevent injury to personnel or equipment damage.

Turn off power, engage lock out, and tag out before performing any maintenance to this agitator. Don’t perform any maintenance or service on the motor before disconnecting the power source.


Discharge all capacitors before servicing motor.
Electrical repairs should be performed by trained and qualified personnel only.
Serious injury could result if safe electrical procedures and instructions are not followed.

Inspect the unit regular, and replace worn of damaged components only with the parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.

mud agitator

Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts.
The agitator gearbox has a designated gear ratio to maximize the suspension of solid in solution. This gear ratio greatly increases the torque that is transmitted to the impeller. Never attempt to stop or retrieve any object that has fallen into the agitator tank.

Mud agitators should be locked out and tagged out before entering a mud tank for any reason.


Drilling mud agitator is one part of solids control system with the purpose of mixing drilling mud and make sure drilling cuttings do
not deposit at the bottom of the tank and successfully pass through circulation system.

Mud agitator has the advantage of compact structure, so it occupies small area. More than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm
gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission、 the revolution is steady、it works reliablely and has great merit. Common
model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5kW 、JBQ7.5kW 、JBQ11kW and JBQ15kW.

mud agitator

Mud Agitator Features and Benefits
1. Structure: Small footprint and compact structure.
2. Reduction gearbox: Helical-bevel design or worm design according to customer requirement.
3. Motor: Explosion-proof electrical motor, and can be the style of horizontal or vertical.
4. Shaft and impeller: Galvanizing treatment brings the excellent anti-rust performance much better than the painting process.

JBQ Mud agitator can be used widely in various applications. Including drilling mud mixture, chemical agitating, food or beverage,
etc. It will be mounted on mud tanks or set right overmud pit. Welcome to your inquiry.

The agitator is an important part of the mud solids control system. It is mounted on the circulating tank. The vanes of the agitator dip into the mud to agitate the fluid uniformly.To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably. Below is the specification manual of agitators:


This manual contains important information concerning installation, operation, and proper maintenance of the Mud Agitator. To prevent injury to personnel or equipment damage, this manual should be read by those responsible for the installation and operation of the Mud Agitators.

In addition, the safety precautions below should be followed at all times.

1.Lift the agitator only at lift points detailed in this manual and use properly rated slings capable of handling the equipment weight.
2.The structure on which the agitator is to be installed must be capable of supporting both the static weight and dynamic loads listed in this manual.

mud agitators
3.TURN OFF, LOCK OUT, AND TAG OUT the electrical power supply to the agitator before working on the agitator.
4. Inspect the unit regularly, and replace damaged or worn components only with parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.
5. The gearbox on the Agitator has a pre-selected gear ratio to maximize the suspension of solids in solution. This gear ratio provides a great increase in torque that is transmitted to the impeller. Any object that might fall into or be placed in the mud tank runs the risk of being caught by and wrapped up by the agitator.
6. Before entering a mud tank for any reason, the mud agitators should be locked out and tagged out.