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Diesel Oil Tank is special equipment for storing oil used for diesel generator set in drilling and fieldwork,  which mainly consists of storage of tank, self priming centrifugal oil pump, filter, flow meter, explosion-proof liquid-level switch, liquid level meter, elevated oil tank & manifold, stainless steel valve.

diesel tank

The diesel oil tank can be put in the skid before transportation and the pipelines of elevated tank & storage tank do not need to be dismantled. The top platform is made of plate and there are drain holes on the bottom.The diesel tank also has dust suction valve,spring and wave cutter inside.

DC superior quality diesel tanks material is 10mm carbon steel. Water leakage test before they leave the factory, to ensure tank body no leakage. Sand blasting before paint. Japan Kansai spraying epoxy zinc rich primer 60um + intermediate paint 60um and polyurethane paint 60um to guarantee corrosion resistance.

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DC Diesel tank is a specialized tank used to provide and store fuel for diesel engine and generator, which mainly consists of storage tank, self-priming centrifugal oil pump, filter, flowmeter, explosion-proof liquid-level switch, liquid level gauge, elevated oil tank & manifold and stainless steel valve.

This tank body is structured of panel or corrugate,The tank surface,walkway and stairs are made of skid–proof steel plate and galvanized steel plate produced by professional manufactures.

Diesel tank

Diesel tank is used to store the diesel which is easy to volatilize and inflammable, so how to safety deposit diesel tank is a important problem. The followings are the methods of depositing diesel tank fro reference.

diesel tank1

1. The placed area of diesel tank should higher than the removable area.
2. The terrace of the diesel tank should kept the gradient larger than 0.01.
3. The ground diesel tank unit shouldn’t exceed two rows and each tank volume less than 1000m3.
4. The ground diesel tank area and the half under ground oil tank should set the fire dike.
5. Fire resistance rating between the light oil tank can’t be lower than 2 class.

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Generally speaking, the safety of diesel is good, but we can’t ignore the flammable and combustible. So the layout of diesel tank in the oil tank area need consider the flammable, combustible, electrification and volatility of the diesel. So we should consider these factors:

1. The ground oil tank zone should according to terrian condition layout to compare the stevedoring place of high zone. The distance of oil tank between diesel library and other constructions should confirm national regulation.


2.The gradient of the oil tank terrace should keep in 0.01, the slope towards to outlet sluice or water seal well. The ground surface shouldn’t have fissure and scallops, the fissure should be tamped, the Sedimentation seam should be tamped and trowelling by asbestos cement to prevent water seepage, oil seepage and oil gas accumulate.

3. The oil tank of diesel library shoud layout according to these follows: Firstly, the ground oil tank shouldn’t put in the same tank group with underound oil tank. Secondly, the total capacity of oil tank set, when the fixed-roof oil tank -single tank capacity less tan or equal to 50000 stere, the total capacity shouldn’t bigger than 100000 stere.

4. Tank field fire dike. The ground oil tand and half underground oil tank should set fire dike.

5.The fire restance rating of light oil tank shouldn’t below 2 class, other oil tank can’t below 3 class. Between the oil tank should be the no fire floor. The mutual distance of the pouring column.