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Centrifugal pump

Type; DCSB

Brand; DC

Characteristics; the centrifugal pump is our company is easy to operate and maintain, the quality of leakage rate of shaft seal is little, working is reliable, the using lifetime is long.

The centrifugal pump of Tangshan DC company is a ideal equipment to provide power to Desander, Desilter and jet mud mixer, SB series centrifugal pump also as infusion pump of mud pump and the wellhead supply pump. The product centrifugal pump of our company is fully consider the mating equipment can work under the best condition. The SB series horizontal type centrifugal pump use the two-way grease lubrication bearing, it can guarantee normal running with long time. According the requirements of customers, the pump can also use the machine oil lubrication bearing.

Parameters under 50HZ

Type Flow Lift Power Rotate speed Efficiency NPSH
SB8x6-14 320 m3/h 40 m 75kw 1480 rpm 65% 4
SB8x6-13 290 m3/h 33 m 55kw 1480 rpm 64% 4.5
SB6x5-13 180 m3/h 34 m 45kw 1470 rpm 60% 3
SB6x5-12 160 m3/h 30 m 37kw 1470 rpm 60% 3
SB6x5-11 200 m3/h 21 m 30kw 1470 rpm 62% 2.5
SB5x4-12 90 m3/h 30 m 22kw 1460 rpm 56% 4.5
SB4x3-13 50 m3/h 40 m 15kw 1460 rpm 48% 4.5
SB4x3-12 45 m3/h 30 m 11kw 1460 rpm 47% 4
SB3x2-12 23 m3/h 29 m 7.5kw 1450 rpm 39% 4

Parameters under 60Hz

Type Flow Lift Power Rotate speed Efficiency NPSH
SB8x6-12 335 m3/h 43 m 75kw 1750 rpm 66% 4.8
SB6x5-12 196 m3/h 48 m 55kw 1750 rpm 61% 3
SB5x4-14 149 m3/h 61 m 45kw 1750 rpm 58% 4.6
SB5x4-12 120 m3/h 40 m 37kw 1750 rpm 56% 4.6
SB5x4-11 112 m3/h 45 m 30kw 1750 rpm 58% 4.2
SB5x4-10 105 m3/h 30 m 22kw 1750 rpm 57% 4
SB4x3-11 55 m3/h 45 m 15kw 1750 rpm 37% 4
SB3x2-12 28 m3/h 45 m 11kw 1750 rpm 40% 3.1
SB3x2-11 25 m3/h 35 m 7.5kw 1750 rpm 41% 3.1

Construction:The DCSB centrifugal pump adopts the axial inhaled structure, composed by the motor and pump head, connected by the coupling and belt, with the technical of mechanical seal and combination seal construction, to ensure no leakage for more than 1 year. The bearing is lubricated by lubrication oil and grease, to lengthening the lifetime of the centrifugal Pump. The centrifugal pump has two types, horizontal centrifugal Pump and vertical pump.

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Centrifugal is a kind of solid control equipment. It can remove the particles which the diameter is bigger than 10um.

Maybe you are strange, why we not use other as the main equipment to remove particles.

The oil centrifugal is limited by the feed rate, solid discharge and ect. So it can’t disposed the whole mud solid, the best way is put the shale shaker or hydrocyclone centrifugal upstream, in order to rid of the bigger solid particles, the centrifugal remove the small part particles, the shale shaker and hydrocyclone separator can’t remove the most part of particles. According this method, you can effectively remove particles.

How remove the solid in drilling fluid of the oil centrifugal alone?

Drilling fluid mud is into high rotation speed, create 1000G at least. Then attack the centrifugal force, solid and drilling fluid mud is separated.

How work of the oil centrifugal?

Through the feed pipe enter into the conveyor, then mud through the feed port enter into conveyor belt and exit the central, with the high rotation speed of bowl, drilling fluid mud exposure the high force, led to the liquid and solid separation.



1 Solid phase total

Solid phase refers to the solventless solid in drilling fluid. Usually the solventless solid in drilling fluid use percent by volume to express. The high density drilling fluid solid phase content consist of low density solid phase and high density solid phase, but the common drilling fluid solid phase content is all the low density solid phase.

2 Liquid phase

In drilling fluid, use liquid as dispersion solid phase continuity, it is called liquid phase. Usually, water, oil, soluble salt, thinner and other produce included.

3 Low density solid phase

The low density solid phase is including commercial clay and drilling cuttings. Usually, in the solid control work, assume that the density is 2.6/cm3 or 2.65g/cm3, the actual value in the 2.0-3.0cm3 fluctuation.

4 High density solid phase

The high density solid phase improves the density of the drilling fluid, make the annulus fluid column pressure is greater than the formation pressure. The barites is a kind of high density solid phase, the barites density is recommended by American petroleum institute is bigger than 4.2/cm3.

5 Aggravate drilling fluid

The commonly known as aggravate mud, the common aggravate materials is barites, according to requirements also can use other aggravate materials, in order to keep the minimum density.

6 Drilling cuttings

Drilling cutting belongs to solid phase, it is the main pollution source of drilling fluid. It is greatly affected the performance of drilling fluid, so must make the content is stably, so have the important issues, in the process of drilling should do regular treatment to keep the content is stably of drilling cuttings.

7 The clay

The clay is mainly made of clay minerals, the form is the super fine particles, most diameters is less than 2um, it has dispersibility in water, charged sexual, ion exchange, these performance is important to drilling fluid.

8 Colloid particles

The clay diameter of solid particles is less than 2um is called particles, the material of clay particles have a big surface area. Sodium montmorillonite can shape clay suspension in water, the dispersibility of the sodium montmorillonite is good, it can improve the viscosity of drilling fluid.

9 Oil base and water base drilling fluid

The oil base drilling fluid base on oil as continuous phase, the insoluble solid phase particles is scattered to the continuity liquid phase; Water base drilling fluid base on water as continuous phase.

10 saturated brine

saturated brine is allocated by sodium chloride, the density is 1.20/cm3



Solid control system is mainly made of a group of store drilling fluid solid control tank and a group of equipment which rid of the solid phase in drilling fluid, solid control tanks which store drilling fluid are divided into circulating tanks and store tanks. Circulating tanks as a part of the ground cycle, there are shale shaker, vacuum degasser, deserter, desande and centrifugal on the surface of tank. The store tank is according to the need of drilling condition to allocated the different performance drilling fluid, or store drilling fluid which used for different drilling condition.

The purification process

1 level1 purification

The mud disposed in shale shaker. The allocation drilling fluid enter into the bottom well under the foundation of the drilling pump and carry drilling cuttings return the ground, through the elevated tubes enter into the shale shaker, the larger rock debris in drilling fluid are screened

2 level 2purification

When drilling fluid have gas cutting, we can use vacuum degasser remove the gas which in the drilling fluid and can recovery the density of drilling fluid, steady the drilling fluid viscosity.

3 level 3purification

The drilling fluid is disposed by the 2level purification enter into the desander through the desander feed liquid pump, the harmful sold phase which the diameter is above 40-60um is separated in desander.

4 level 4purification

The drilling fluid is disposed by the 3level purification enter into the desilter through the desilter feed liquid pump, the harmful sold phase which the diameter is above 15-40um is separated in desilter.

5level 5purification

The drilling is disposed by the 4level purification enter into the centrifugal through the centrifugal feed liquid pump, the small harmful sold phase particles are separated in centrifugal.

Usually, the 5purification is working at the same time. If it works one equipment or several equipments, the parameters of the drilling fluid can meet the work requirements, it can work one equipment or several equipments. After the purification, drilling fluid can enter into the next common drilling cycle.

The importance of the screen

The combination property of the drilling fluid shale shaker reflect the sieve size is fine, using life is long and the throughput is big, this conditions are related to the structure and performance of the screen. The screen is a important part of screening task, it is the consumables in drilling fluid, the size of the hole determines the size of the solid phase particles are removed by the shale shaker. Because drilling fluid have corrosive, abrasive resistance and the high temperature,

In order to remove the smaller particles in drilling fluid, the material of the screen is the stainless steel wires of the heat treatment, the material of the ancillary shoring structure is steel plate, galvanized sheet, plastic board and ect.

The specification of the screen

The specification of the screen determines the sieve size, the sieve size is the size of the sieve pore which the particles can pass. Because the oilfield and the related industries learn from the foreign stander, so use the mesh representative the size of the sieve pores, it is said that the number of the sieve pores in one inch width.

For different drilling mud equipments manufacturer will hold their own model shale shakers. Different type shale shaker will hold different features and superiority.

To develop both precise and accurate process control, DC conducted a battery of tests. These tests included; cure tests by varying time and temperature; bonding strength tests by testing the tensile strength of the cure screens through destructive testing; and chemical exposure tests by immersing a series of screens in chemicals characteristic of the oil & gas industry.

The treatment separation of the mud cleaner by the large of drilling cuttings from the well, so that, mud enter into the next separation equipment, the performance and using of mud cleaner are directly influence the next using effect of the separation equipment. The screen is according to the vibration theory of the liner motion ‘s movement locus to designed, the exciter make the screen box do back and forth movement, the solid particles in the mud is sifted out from the surface, to achieve the purpose of the solid and liquid separation.

The use and maintenance of the drilling fluid mud cleaner

1 The method of use

The correct install and use of the multifunction cyclone mud cleaner can rid of the harmful solid phase effectively in the drilling fluid, control the viscosity, recover the useful solid phase, it has important significance to extend the life time of the mud cleaner and reduce the labor intensity of the field workers.

(1)The multifunction cyclone is installed behind the shale shaker and above the one and two drilling fluid tanks.

(2) The drilling fluid which into the mud cleaner must processed by the shale shaker.

(3) Plugged, after the motor starting, the direction of rotation of the motor and the direction of the sign of belt cover must be consistent.

(4) Firstly, air transportation the rotating shale shaker, then check up it, if found has unusual noise, we should stop to overhaul.

(5) Tightenting the screen, pressuring the spiral, testing pressure the screen by hand, then test running 2-3min, the screen should not have separate oneself from the strip, then appropriate pressure the spirals, inspecting the each tensioning spring, the length should be basically same.

(6) In the process of the using screen, if we need to clean the cumulative sand on the screen, we can’t use spade to sweep the screen.

(7) we should wash the screen at least per shift, prevent the viscous things or sand on the screen are maybe blocked the mesh, influence the screen normal use.

(8)When stop to use it , we should closed sand pump firstly, keep the shale shaker rotating 3-5min and wash the screen in time to keep the screen clean, the closed the shale shaker.

(9)we should Infusing butter on the bearing of the exciter once a day at least.

(10)In the process of transportation or lifting, we can’t put the hard things on the screen or trample by foot.

(11)preventing the sundry enter into the swirler.

(12)we should often wash the discharge grove and the baseboard of the shale shaker.

(13)according the stratum and the property of drilling fluid to select the screen, if the viscosity is high and the sediment concentration is big, we should select the less mesh screen.

(14) The use method of the discharge pipes

the use of the cyclone tube; when the feed liquid pressure equal to the rated pressure, turn off the valve on the overflow tube, make the tubular value of the overflow pipe is 0.01-0.03mpa. When the feed pressure below the rated pressure, adjust the valve on the overflow , make the tubular value of the overflow pipe is .0.02-0.05mpa,


usually, it operate 500h we should maintain it, the main part are rotating part, tensioning the firmware and replace part of lose efficacy components.

It operate 4000h, it need to overhaul, the main content is maintenance the cleaner all sided, replace the cone, check the insulation of the electrical machine , lubrication or tensioning all parts, at last we should paint the anticorrosion treatment.


DCLW horizontal type helical-conveyer centrifugal is a mechine to separate the soild particles and liquid or separate the liquid and mixture mixed in the liquid by centrifugal force. The main function of centrifugal is to separate the liquid and solid particles in the suspension, or to separate the two kind of different liquid with different density which can not dissolve in each other in the emulsion. And also, can be used to remove the liquid from the mixture of liquid and solid. Some sedimentation centrifuge also can classificate the solid particles in the fluid with different density or granularity by identify the different sedimentation velocities.        

The main components of the spiral sedimentation centrifugal

1 The drum

The drums usually made of the drum barrels and the end covers, the drum barrel conical part is easy to abrade, in order to reduce the wear, there are some fillets along the line. There is a pivot on the drum big end, it is convenient to support the base bearing. The pivot connection with the drum by the flange, the end cover has a overflow month, the other end has a small end cover connection with the small end to support on the bearing.

2 Rotational flow propeller

The rotational flow rotational made of helical blade, inner tank, Charging bulkhead and the shaft neck. The helical blade take measures of abrasion resistant, such as; the abrasion resistant alloy, abrasion resistant plastic, and ect.

 3 The overload protection device

The main engine of the centrifugal provides the separation power, at the same time provide the power to the screw conveyor, when transport a large number of desiltings or the metal foreign body drop in the drum inside card main screw, it can maybe destroyed the planet differential. In order to prevent the spiral and the differential mechanism are damaged, the centrifugal specialized the overload protection device. The over load protection has the mechanical, mechanical hydraulic, electronic mechanical and the electronic overload protection device and ect, but the mechanical is widely used.

4The rotation device

Now, the rotation device of centrifugal are widely used the planetary gear rotation device, and the involute gear differential mechanism is the primary, the 2k-h is popularly.

5 The hydraulic coupler

In order to control the overload of the centrifugal , and make it smooth starting, the movement meet the requirement of the speed regulation, so in the rotation system of the centrifugal is widely used the hydraulic coupler.

The shale shaker is the most important equipment in the drilling fluid solid control system, it is the first process of the mud purification. Not only using in deep well, but also using the shallow well, the mud must through the shale shaker to filter.

Working principle

The shale shakers are mainly drive by the electrical machine to rotate to produce the periodic changed inertia force, drilling fluid solid phase enters into the sieve screen, do the throwing movement on the sieve surface, and then the solid phase particles with different size will be removed. The separation diameters and throughput of the shale shakers are the most important factors of matching. The technology level of shale shakers mainly show at the handing ability (throughput and separated granularity), the stability of working, the length of life and the flexibility of operation. The handing ability of shale shakers is related with the structure of shale shakers, the movement locus, the vibration frequency, the vibration intensity, the area of shale shakers and the degree of thickness. In order to make the shale shakers match with the drilling machineries, the maximum displacement of the drilling pumps and the quantity of drilling cuttings produced must be considered.


Usually according to the movement locus, the shale shakers can be grouped into round screen shaker, the common elliptic screen shaker, linear screen shaker, equilibrium elliptic screen shaker. The common elliptic screen shaker: also can be called the disequilibrium elliptic screen shaker, there is a exciter devices fixed right above of the screen box barycenter, It requires the screen boxes tilt an angle, gets rid of sand by gravity, avoids the sand having the tendency of backward throwing. From this, the tilt of the screen boxes really improved the moving performance of sand, but the disposed amount of the drilling fluid reduced, this is the main shortcoming of the common elliptic screen shaker. The linear shale shakers

liner shale shaker

: Two main axises with eccentric blocks do synchronous reverse rotation to produce the liner vibration. Because the direction of the liner shale shaker is unchanged,  which makes the particles difficult to drop, and then the screen paste phenomenon appeares, which makes the valid over flowing area of screen  and throughput reduced. When the number of  screens increases, the phenomenon of screen paste will be more serious. So when the linear shale shakers use the super details screen, it could not meet the requirements of the using amount of drilling fluid.

The equilibrium ellipse screen: In recent years to develop a new type screen, the movement locus of long axis and short axis are all the same, the size and direction of the throwing angle are completely consistent. The equilibrium ellipse screen combined with the basic advantages of the round screens and liner screens, the throughput of the equilibrium ellipse screens is bigger twenty percent to thirty percent than the liner screens, is a relatively advanced drilling fluid shale shaker screens, representative the development direction of the drilling fluid shale shakers.