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Vacuum degasser is a important degassing equipment in solid control system which remove the gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon  dioxide and natural gas from the drilling mud before they reach the shale shakers.

A suitable vacuum area will form in the top part of degassing compartment during degasser working and the mud will flow into the degassing tank fluently. Following is the introduction of vacuum degasser working principle.


Operation principle of vacuum degasser :

The drilled cuttings would settle into the setting pit, and the drilling fluids would flow over and into the second compartment.  A sand pump would be used to pump the drilling mud from the second compartment up to the vacuum degasser,The drilling mud enters into the vacuum tank through the feeding pipe, and rotates by the rotor of the degasser, by the effect of centrifugal force, the drilling fluids would be threw to the inner wall of the vacuum tank, and the gases that migrate into the mud would be separated from the mud.

vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser produced by DC Machinery is suitable for various supporting of drilling mud solids control system, it plays an important role in restoring drilling mud performance, and can also be an agitator with big power.

Function of vacuum degasser 

Vacuum degasser used in filling well, grinding well and sinkiang Di na well. All technology indexes all achieve the design requirements. Degassing effect is marked and will produce the good economic benefit. In the regular drilling process, if occur drilling fluid gas cutting, the vacuum degasser can dispose it. It can avoid the influence of gas cutting to drilling fluid working performance, decrease the abrading of mud pump, improve the efficiency of water and decrease the repairing times and stop drilling dispose times.

Comprehensiveness of vacuum degasser 

In unbalanced drilling, now have the degassing equipment – drilling fluid gas separator, it only separate the free gas in drilling fluid, but it can’t eliminate the not free gas. Drilling fluid often have gas cutting. The function of vacuum degasser is eliminating the not free gas. The equipment developed succeed provide the guarantee for the matched equipment of regular drilling and unbalanced drilling.

Why vacuum degasser can eliminate the gas 

In order to efficiency eliminate the gas in drilling fluid must meet the requirements:

The bubbles in drilling fluids should expose on the surface, will rapidly swell and fracture in the negative pressure condition. Gas cutting drilling fluid will remain a certain times in separation chamber. After gas cutting enter into separation chamber will present the turbulent condition flowing. So the degassing effect decided by the reasonable control of vacuum, the remaining times of gas cutting drilling fluid in degassing chamber and the turbulent condition in degassing chamber.

Degassing chamber vacuum is higher, the bubbles received the expansionary force in drilling fluid is bigger, the volume expansion is bigger, drilling fluid give the buoyancy is bigger, then bubbles are easy float to the drilling fluid surface to broken.