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Centrifuge used in well drilling mud solids control is decanter centrifuge, also referred as decanting centrifuge. It is rather popular with drilling contractors or fluids service company. Strictly speaking, centrifuge is the 5th purification or cleaning equipment for drilling fluid. It is set after desilter cone or mud cleaner. It is mainly used to separate solids sized 2~7 microns.


Description of decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge including low speed, middle speed and high speed one. Different speed will produce different centrifugal force, treating capacity, and separation point. Centrifuge consists of scroll conveyor, drum, motor, differential, inlet port, discharge port, solid discard port, and so on. Decanter centrifuge will be fed by submersible slurry pump or screw pump with drilling fluid for finer separation of solid.


Centrifuge procedure

The material feeding into the inlet port, under centrifugal force generated by drum and scroll conveyor rotation, the solid will be dried and discharged via solids discard port. We know, on the centrifuge bowl or drum there are liquid zone and drying zone. Cleaned drilling fluids will flow out centrifuge via the clean liquid effluent at liquid zone end.

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High speed has costs, not to the driller, but to the centrifuge owner. Suppose the centrifuge is one pound out of balance. If the centrifuge rotates at 900 RPM, the unbalanced load is 276 lbs, and this unbalanced load is carried by the bearings through to the frame. If it sped up too 1800 RPM, the unbalance load goes up to 1,104 lbs. To keep the centrifuge from shaking itself to death or an early bearing failure, higher speeds require better mechanical tolerances. Generally, to maintain these tolerances over a service life of many years, the centrifuge should be made from stainless steel.

decanter centrifuge

The second problem is stress. All of the mud in the centrifuge is pressing outward putting the bowl and hubs under stress. As the centrifuge is run faster and faster, the stresses build up and can cause catastrophic failure. No decanter centrifuge should be run faster, with a heavier weight mud than it’s designer planned on, and in addition, the structural parts should be in good shape. Corrosion and wear can weaken a centrifuge to the point where it is unsafe at any useful speed. Higher speeds require high strength, corrosion resistant materials.


The third problem is wear. Drilling mud contains grit; it slowly grinds the wearing surfaces of the centrifuge, and eventually enough metal is worn away that the centrifuge must be rebuilt. The wear rate is proportional to the g-force. At low speeds, the grit is ground into the metal at a moderate force, but doubling the bowl speed causes four times the wear rate. It cuts the service life to 1/4 of what it would be, and considering down time, easily increases the maintenance cost five fold.

In addition, as the centrifuge wears, it loses metal. It unfortunately doesn’t lose it uniformly, and as it wears, it goes out of balance. As I discussed previously, imbalance means premature failure through excessive vibration.

Before hydrocyclones and centrifuges became available for drilling applications, shale shakers and dilution were the only means of controlling the solids content of drilling fluids.

decanter centrifuge

Yesterday, DC Solid control company shipped 3 sets middle speed drilling fluid centrifuge to Russian drilling site. Centrifuge used in drilling solids control is the decanter type. Almost the centrifuge used at drilling site are horizontal type. There are bowl, drum, conveyor, motor, control panel consisted in centrifuge assembly. Of course, also the support base or base frame.

drilling fluid centrifuge

Decanting centrifuge in drilling fluids system is used after desilter cone or mud cleaner. It can handle the solids ranged 2-7 microns. There are middle speed and the high speed one, the fixed frequency or VFD one. Treating capacity / handling rate varies along with centrifuge size. Usually, it is from 30~60m³/h. We can select screw pump or slurry pump as feeding pump.

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Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is the fourth stage equipments for a drilling mud system.Drilling mud cleaning first stage uses drilling fluids shale shaker ,then second stage uses desander,third desilter,(now drilling mud cleaner is widely used to replace desander,desilter.

decanter centrifuge

With a horizontal oilfield decanter centrifuge, the mixture of drilling liquid and cuttings and solids enter into the centrifuge. When it enters the centrifuge, it gets spun at an extremely high rate, sometimes as much as 3000 times the force of gravity. When this happens, the solids will separate from the liquids. When they are separated, the drilling liquid can be decanted and eventually returned to the mud tank where it can be replaced into the borehole for efficient drilling.

One of the biggest advantages to having an oilfield decanter centrifuge is the size that it takes up. Compared to other solids control equipment, a centrifuge takes up less real estate.

On many oilfields the site footprint is not large enough to support a wide range of solids control equipment. A centrifuge is highly effective and efficient so you can separate solids from drilling liquids even on small drilling sites.

Wastewater treatment plants for both municipal and industrial applications are designed to produce a clean, safe water discharge, usually to a river. The complexity of the plant will depend on the immediate environmental considerations and the consent limits negotiated with the authorities.

More and more our horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge already used in municipal applications and got the good feedback.

There are basically two application types in the wastewater treatment industry for the decanter centrifuge:

1. The first is to take liquid slurry (around 1-3% ds.) as feed to the decanter and thicken it to around 8% ds, often prior to going to a biological digester.
2. The second is to feed the decanter centrifuge with similar slurry and dewater the solids to a dry looking solids mass prior to disposal. In the second case the solids can come from the primary clarifier or the secondary clarifier after biological treatment.

waste water processed

DC Machinery range of decanter centrifuges is ideally designed for these applications. Controlling the decanter centrifuge operating parameters optimizes the consistency of the discharged sludge.

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DC Solid control decanter centrifuge supplier provides the advantage of high efficiency operation compared to traditional separation systems. It was necessary to develop continuing systems in order to reduce the increasing company costs and for the growing industry to be able to adjust itself to the acquired achievements.

Application flexibility

Decanters provide practically high efficiency results under fluctuations at product inlet, differences in process conditions and even at different characteristics of various products. This capability enables reliable and regular operation.


Operational conditions

Appropriate body designs and isolation systems can be applied for steam proof or pressurized processes between 0-8 bars. The designs and machinery are available for cleaning in place (CIP) systems to be used in extremely low and extremely high temperature conditions, explosive atmosphere standards and hygienic environments.


Operation of the decanter became fully automatic with the use of modern devices and control units. The ability to control whole facility from a central control room enables the decanter to be operated with no personnel.


Easy installation

It is possible to install the decanter easily and quickly thanks to its design and all the required functions integrated in single unit. Low vibration levels and active support system of DCLW decanters centrifuge eliminate complex and expensive base construction. Auxiliary equipments and connections are not needed. Corrosion and wear protection process specific materials highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion are used in decanter manufacturing.

Personnel safety

Closed design of the decanters and the availability of high- tech safety systems ensure high safety for the operator and the maintenance personnel.

Low space requirement

With its excellent design and high processing capacity, the decanter requires a lot less space compared to alternative systems.


LW533-BP centrifuge can meet the high requirements of domestic solid control system, it uses the high frequency conversion speed regulation system, it realizes the real soft start, the speed infinitely adjustable, it can choose the rotary speed according to the industrial art, and monitoring the each parameter of the equipment to ensure equipment operation is safety and reliable.

The centrifuge has many functions, the max treatingcapacity is 100m3/h, the max separation factor is 3050. It can dispose the particles whose diameter is 2-5um, the technical performance have already get to the advanced level of international similar products.

Drilling fluid centrifuge














LW533-BP Centrifuge characteristics:
1. The adapting well:
LW533-BP centrfuge design is fully consider petroleum drilling craft provide all kinds of special requirements to centrifuge, to the main part execute the Appropriability and adjustability.

2. Operation environment is good:
LW 533-BP centrifuge separate drilling fluid in a fully closed condition, and it has no pollution to the operation field and also can keep clean of production environment.

3. Inoxidizability Strong
The drum, spiral propeller, housing case, and other parts touch with materials of the LW533-BP centrifuge all use the quality stainless steel to manufacture.

4. Safety protection device is reliable.
The two ends of main shaft of LW533-BP centrifuge install the temperature sensor and vibrator sensor, when the temperature and vibration change is abnormal or exceed the limit will active the electric protection system to prevent machine damaged or cause accident. Electric control cabinet itself also set the protection device, it can efficiency ensure the machine can be safety use.