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In drilling system, after the polymer and clay is fully sheared enter into drilling fluid system that can give full play to its function and improve drilling fluid performance.

So that, Shear pump is already used and the theory confirms efficiency and specialized machine that can shear polymer and clay. If it can’t be fully sheared, polymer maybe block shaker screen in first circulation loss large polymer, increase drilling cost and make the large size solid phase particles is harden and difficult to eliminate.

Using shear pump can decrease above 15% of polymer dosage, the dosage of bentonite will be decreased above 30% and improve mud cake and fluid loss, decrease drilling fluid shearing ration rate, improve jelly strength, the shaft seal structure is more reliable has excellent performance and use maintenance is more convenient.


Main function of shear pumps:

1. Shear pump can improve the extent of hydration of move soil particles. 

The dispersion of move soil particles in water and extent hydration is decided: the content of electrolyte, time, temperature, the number of replacement cationic and concentration. All other things were equal use shear pump can save above 30% bentonite.

2. Shear pump can make polymer shear dilute and hydrate rapidly.

The molecular weight of high-molecular polymer is higher which is used in mud, it is difficult to hydrate is directly added, so to high molecular polymer need be sheared. Shear pump can provide high shearing efficiency and to speed up the polymer dilution, hydration process.

DC Machinery in the study of a large number of domestic and foreign shear pump based on the improvement of shearing pump, comprising a complete shear and hydration system, quick shear dilution, a hydratable polymer.

Gas cavitation of sand pump is is related to the medium performance, transportation temperature, the length and diameter of suction line, the numbers section line spare parts, and the installation of sand pump. In order to prevent the gas cavitation, required decrease transportation temperature and correctly operate, meanwhile, it also has requirements of the sand pump design, and sand pump inlet & outlet pipeline.

Requirements of sand pump structure:SONY DSC

1 If the entrance point diameter is big, with the big flow, then will produce gas cavitation.
2 When the outward angle of impeller inlet place is identical with inlet mouth flow which is contribute to prevent gas cavitation.
3 Wide impeller is difficult to produce gas cavitation.
4 Lower rotary speed centrifugal pump is difficult to produce gas cavitation.

Design requirements of pipeline:

Perfect pipeline design can decrease the resistance loss of suction pipeline.
1 Each set sand pump should has the signle inlet pipeline.
2 Reduce pipeline diameter, length and quantity can prevent gas cavitation.
3 Adopt poured type feed liquor can prevent gas cavitation.
4 Solid precipitation rate in the pipeline can produce gas cavitation.

Operation requirements of sand pump:

1 When sand pump operates, the inlet valve must be opened.
2 The higher of sand pump installation height, the more easy produce gas cavitation.
3 When the flow rate is low is difficult to produce gas cavitation.
4 If the temperature, density of drilling fluid is increased will produce gas cavitation.
5 When drilling fluid level is too low will produce gas cavitation.

The submersible slurry pump is designed by DC Solid control which combine the many years experience and absorb the advanced technology. It is divided into horizontal and vertical pump according to the structure. The horizontal pump is divided into 300mm,250mm,200mm,150mm,100mm,80mm,65mm,40mm according to outlet diameter. Vertical pump is divided into 150mm,100mm,80mm,65mm,50mm according to outlet form.

slurry pump

The submersible slurry pump have the innovates of water conservancy and structure design, the flow passage components adopt the strong resistance wear and high cadmium cast alloy iron to manufacture. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, save energy, long service life, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable operation, small vibration, lower noise and convenient to maintain.

1. High efficiency and save energy:

When trash pump transport pump body, the efficiency is always decrease and the higher concentration, the grain size is bigger with the greater reduction degree. But when two phase flow slurry pump transport mud, its efficiency is higher than pure water, it is more adapt to transport the mud.

slurry pump1

2.Corrosion resistance and long service life:

Usually when trash pump transport the mud will occur impacting abrasion. The cavitation of water pump is worsend following the increased flow. But the flow passage of the two phase flow slurry pump design fit the changing rule of solid flow field, the solid move along with the impeller line, impeller mainly have frictional wear, the cavitation of the pump is relatively stable following the flow increased, so two phase flow have the new abrasion rule.

3. Water saving, adopt High concentrations transportation:

The performance of common trash pump is gradually decreased following the improve of mud concentration, and the performance is gradually worsened. The water conservancy design of two phase flow pump if fully consider the solid(including the concentration, grain size and shape and etc.) movement. It must have the good Hydraulic performance when transport high concentration drilling fluid, meet the requirement of technological process to high concentration

Mud pump divided into single function and double function the two types, single function only complete once suction and drainage action in piston reciprocating motion a circulation. If according to the number of cylinders, have single cylinders, double cylinders and three cylinders.


In drilling process, delivered mud or water to drill hole to wash the machine. Mud pump is the important part of drilling equipment. In common direct circulation drilling, it can transport the medium of water, mud or polymer washing fluid to drill bit bottom through high pressure hose, faucet and drill column centre, to get the purpose of cooling drill bit, the rock debris cut eliminated and transport to ground surface.

Common mud pump is piston or plunger type, the motor drive pump to crankshaft rotation, the bent axle according to crosshead drive piston or plunger do reciprocating motion in pump cylinder. In the alternately effect, realize the purpose of pressuring and circulation washing fluid.

The main parameter of mud pump performance is discharge and pressure. The discharge calculated by every minute ejectmenting, it is related with drill hole diameterand required washing fluid up-hole velocity from hole bottom, the hole diameter is bigger, required discharged is bigger. The needed up-hole velocity of washing fluid can rush out the rock debris, rock powder at times, and carry to the ground. When geology core drilling, usually the up-hole velocity is about 0.4~1.0 meter/minute.

How to operate mud pump

Checking before start; each connection parts should fasten; Motor driven direction should be correct; clutch is flexible and reliable; pipeline connection is fixed, sealing reliable, bottom valve is flexible and effective.

Before slurry pump start, the suction pipe, bottom valve, pump must injected water upper end of pressure gage should filled oil.

Using hand turn, make piston reciprocate twice, when pipeline insulation is good can no-load operate, after operate, when operation is normal, then gradually increased the load.

We should notice the sealing condition of each sealing device, on occasion to adjust it. The draw bar and subchrod should often paint oil to lubricate.

We should constantly test mud sediment concentration can’t exceed 10% in operation.

Strictly prohibit variable speed in operation, when need change speed should stop pumping and gear shift.

Centrifugal is a kind of solid control equipment. It can remove the particles which the diameter is bigger than 10um.

Maybe you are strange, why we not use other as the main equipment to remove particles.

The oil centrifugal is limited by the feed rate, solid discharge and ect. So it can’t disposed the whole mud solid, the best way is put the shale shaker or hydrocyclone centrifugal upstream, in order to rid of the bigger solid particles, the centrifugal remove the small part particles, the shale shaker and hydrocyclone separator can’t remove the most part of particles. According this method, you can effectively remove particles.

How remove the solid in drilling fluid of the oil centrifugal alone?

Drilling fluid mud is into high rotation speed, create 1000G at least. Then attack the centrifugal force, solid and drilling fluid mud is separated.

How work of the oil centrifugal?

Through the feed pipe enter into the conveyor, then mud through the feed port enter into conveyor belt and exit the central, with the high rotation speed of bowl, drilling fluid mud exposure the high force, led to the liquid and solid separation.



Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solid control equipment, which is the newest type to treat the drilling fluid. GN drilling mud cleaner are combined from Desander, Desilter and an Underflow Screen, at the same time Mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function  compared with separated desander and desilter. In addition to the reasonable design process, it equals another shale shaker . GN mud cleaner structure is compact, it occupy small space and the function is powerful. Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.

DC combination of mud cleaner, including  desander, deserter, pressure gage, hydrocyclone, bottom flow slot, shale shaker, stents and pedestal. The characteristics is : between the main into pipes and main out pipes have no control deceleration insitutionsm, there are spout in the pedestal, the screen located in the spout, it is easy to use and maintain, working reliable, can remove the harmful phase quickly, improve the performance of drilling fluid, meet the requirement of the new technology of high pressure spar.

The treatment separation of the mud cleaner by the large of drilling cuttings from the well, so that, mud enter into the next separation equipment, the performance and using of mud cleaner are directly influence the next using effect of the separation equipment. The screen is according to the vibration theory of the liner motion ‘s movement locus to designed, the exciter make the screen box do back and forth movement, the solid particles in the mud is sifted out from the surface, to achieve the purpose of the solid and liquid separation.


1It is a necessary equipment of deep well and super deep well disposed the aggravation of drilling fluid, it can remove the super fine solid phase in aggravation of fluid.

2 It can effectively control the content of aggravation of drilling fluid, to prevent the pressure difference the post card, adhesion the post card and other accidents, reduce the bond issues of drilling string and the thickness.

3 Save the drilling cost

4 Improved the drilling environment