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Batch of solid control equipment spare parts had finished the production and prepare to packed up for shipping UAE by Air. DC Solid control has 1 sets solid control system used in Tunisia drilling field for about 2 years. And running well of all equipment, so the clients want to order more spare parts to replaced the old ones.


The spare parts mainly have butterfly valves, centrifugal spare parts, shale shaker spare parts and decanter centrifuge spare parts. Please reference the below pictures.

Mud mixer

DC Solid control is a company focuses on solids control systems’ production, sales and after-sales maintenance service. We have professional works to assist filed installation and commissioning. DC Solids Control systems include all kinds of mud cleaning equipment with high quality, such as mud shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud centrifuge, mud agitator, etc.

The most business of DC Machinery is the overseas. Meanwhile, DC Machinery solid control system can also used in HDD, CBM, and water well drilling. If you have dirt mud can’t process, please contact us, you will get the cost solutions.

In recent days, we delivered four centrifugal pump to India, the motor is 55kw, head is 45m. It is used to dispose waster fluid. The manufacturing times of the four sets are 100 days, now we have successful delivered.

centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump principle

Centrifugal pump is combined with impeller and casing. Drilling fluid will be sucted from impeller side, when impeller rotates at high speed there will be centrifugal force and gain power or pressure. Then fluid flow through impeller path will produce pressure out. The drilling mud will come out under certain pressure.

Advantages of centrifugal pump 

The bearing pedestal, axles and other components of all models centrifugal pump are universal,
The main components are all wear resistant ductile iron and resin sand to manufacture, the using life is long and nice exterior.
The surface of centrifugal pump all use sand blasting treatment, the paint uses the anticorrosive epoxy zinc rich paint and high pressure airless process construction.
All bolts, nuts, flat gaskets and split cotter pin must be galvanized but don’t have chromeplate and nickel plating.

sand pump

DC Centrifugal pump has been exported to many overseas countries. The reliable quality and cost effective solutions has helped GN Solids Control to win many orders of centrifugal pump from the world. With our branches and partners around the world, clients can get DC centrifugal pump and parts from local warehouses to save delivery time.

Centrifugal pump for drilling mud system,oilfield and HDD drilling fluids centrifugal pump China manufacturer. DC supply centrifugal pump for solids control system.

Centrifugal pumps that are driven by electric motors are responsible for moving the drilling fluids to various areas of the system within the cleaning process. Pumps and motors should both be sized correctly to adequately handle the systems volume needs.

centrifugal pump

The centrifugal pumps may feature either mechanical seals or rope packing, depending upon the pump type. Mechanical seals are relatively maintenance free, but rope packing requires proper attention. Rope style packing allows some fluid “leakage” from the packing area. Do not tighten the packing housing down to stop the leaking completely, or seal and shaft damage will occur. You should always maintain a slow drip when using rope type packing.


Maintaining the Life of an HDD Mud Pump Whether your mud system features an on-board triplex mud pump, or you are using a stand- alone mud pump, care should be taken to ensure your systems charge pump adequately feeds the pressure pump, or cavitation will occur within the triplex causing costly damage. One final thought: Beware of unnecessary gimmicks that could cause costly downtime in the field. In regards to this type of equipment, simple, easy-to-operate and easy-to-field service systems are your best bet.

Centrifugal pumps (SB sand pumps) are designed and engineered to handle abrasive, viscous and corrosive drilling fluids or industrial slurry. They have been proved and being in operation on land and offshore drilling rigs around the world. Please contact us for more details in order to make you customized.


Features of the sand pump:

1. Pump housings are heavier and stronger to outlast conventional pumps
2. The impeller is designed to reduce turbulence, lower radial and thrust loads, and provides a smooth flow of fluid through the pump
3. The SB series shaft has a greater diameter to provide heavy-duty performance with minimal shaft deflection.
4. Bearings are designed for easy maintenance.
5. Stuffing box cover combines the functions of wear plate and stuffing box into a one-piece replacement unit.

Applications of the sand pump:

1. Drilling mud mixing and shearing operations.
2. Feeding pump for desander and desilter.
3. Drilling mud transfer pump
4. Supercharging, mud cooling towers, wash down.
5. Chemical, refinery, industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Contact DC Solid control to get more information about the sand pumps.

DCYZ Slurry Pump is the cantilever pump structure of single stage and single suction, with the bearing housing, supporting, intermediate pipe connecting the pump hydraulic components, the water is discharged out from the drain pipe parts, pump impeller is for semi-shrouded with the agitating vane on the vane extended.

slurry pump

Advantages of DCYZ Slurry pump structure:

Impeller: There are open, semi-open, full closed three. With a leaf-lane wide, leaves small and so on. Fluid leakage loss, through the good, high efficiency, without clogging.

Pump Cover: with 2 oil seal and a seal set, has opened three relief holes, the pump can reduce the leakage losses prate. Can they prevent high pressure water toward the bearing affect the bearing life.

Shaft: High quality carbon steel. Stent: The vertical motor connections. The pump can be vertical or inclined to use, the body must be buried in the working medium, do not need to advance water, gas discharge and so on.

DC Solid control company has the complete service, such as OEM order is accepted, we help to select the right pump, interchangeable rubber and metal design,  After-sales service and large stock. We provide lifetime after sale service.Welcome to customize pumps with our factory or buy the finished vertical drilling submersible mud pump fluid equipment with us.

SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander 、Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer for solids control equipment .

Our centrifugal pump, delivers improved performance, better longevity, and cost savings compared to other centrifugal pumps. Our centrfugal pumps high quality bearing configuration contributes to greater life expectancy through improved stability and lower vibration. SB Series pump’s parts are completely interchangeable with other pumps currently on the market.

centrifugal pump

SB centrifugal pumps can be used below medium:

Fresh water
Sea water
Drilling mud
Features of SB Series centrifugal pump:

1.Stainless steel casing and wear pad nuts allow easy access.
2. Labyrinth seals reduce bearing contamination and shaft wear
3. All of our bearings, Labyrinth seals, and mechanical seals are provided by world renowned suppliers who are industry leaders in their respective fields.

Need mentioned the motor power of centrifugal pump choosed is according to drilling mud specific gravity 1.2g/cm3.2.Certificate: Ex dⅡ BT4。

Single screw pump has been widely used by developed countries, it is also called MONOPUMPS. Because of its good performance, it has been applied more and more widely in Domestic and abroad recently.

Single screw pump is an ideal equipment used for feeding slurry for decanter centrifuge in solids control system. The main parts are screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator). Because of the special geometry shape of the two parts, they form pressurize capacity separately.


DCG series Single screw pump is a kind of rotor type displacement pump,the main parts be include of stator and rotor. Rotor is drived universal coupling to rotation to form a confined space in the pump. The liquids is sucking up & pumping in the pump continuously & constantly. Due to the liquid be through the confined space, so this kind of pump could pumping liquid with high viscosity & mixed solid. It is widely used for feeding the drilling fluids decanter centrifuge.

General speaking, Single screw pump can be act as a Universal pump. The rotating speed is adjustable, the rated pressure of pump outlet is increasing with the class of the motor, the pressure will increase 0.6Mpa when the motor increase one class, so it is widely used in many industries.


1、Environment protection:waste water of Industry and live, mud and sewage, etc
2、shipbuilding industry:transfer residue oil, sewage or seawater.
3、Petroleum Industry:handing oil, grease.
4、medical Industry: Transfer mucus sticky, emulsified liquid,etc.
5、Food Industry:transfer liquor or wine, waste liquid or additive liquid.
6、Brewing Industry: Transfer fermented viscous fluid,extra heavy pot ale,crumb,etc.
7、Construction Industry:transfer slurry, mortar.
8、Mining Industry:transfer oxide or waste water,drain off water,liquid explosive.
9、Chemical Industry:transfer suspended liquid,emulsion liquid,soda liquid and salt liquid.
10、Printing, paper maunfacturing industry:transfer black liquor.

DC Machinery supplies good quality solids control screw pump with best price, welcome to contact us and get the best solution for your work!

Horizontal drilling fluid sand pump is a kind of centrifugal pump used in oilfield which is also an important equipment in oil rig mud cycling system, be able to deliver corrodive drilling fluid(with suspended particulates) or other liquid media under similar work condition.  It can be used as feeding pump for desander, desilter, or as mixing pump for jet mud mixer. Also it can be used as trip pump and supercharging pump for rig mud pump.

sand pump

Working principle of sand pumps 

The sand pump is the most used pump type in the word. The principle is simple, well-decribled and throughly tested, and the pump is robust, effective and relatively inexpensive to produce. The sand pumps creates an increase in pressure by transferring mechanical energy from the motor to the fluid through the rotating impeller. The fluid flows from the inlet to the impeller centre and out along its blades. The centrifugal force hereby increase the fluid velocity and consequently aslo the kinetic energy is transformed to pressure.

Features of sand pumps

1.Semi open impeller design
2.SKFor FAG premium bearings
3.Cemented carbide mechanical seal
4.Wide range application

DC produce the sand pump with reliability 、 heat-resistant 、large flow 、long life 、low- energy consumption 、easy maintenance and other advantages. Any questions please contact us.

Drilling fluid pump is one special pump in centrifugal pump. We also call it as sand pump which is an important unit in the whole solid control system. It is mainly used to transfer drilling fluid for desander, desilter, and provide sufficient power for mixing drilling fluid.

SB Series centrifugal pumps are distinguished by high efficiency, low energy consumption, several options, and a wide range of flow rates and pressures.


High efficiency
A precision-engineered pump and motor provide high efficiency and gentle product treatment. The robust design and tight tolerances together with the advanced impeller design minimize recirculation and ensure the efficient transfer of energy.

Optimal pump design
The impeller design ensures efficient and gentle handling of the product as it moves through the pump. This ensures product integrity and minimizes NPSHr ( Net Positive Suction Head required).

Low energy consumption
Making pump energy use more efficient presents huge potential for energy savings. The optimized pump design and premium motor of our centrifugal pumps often deliver greater energy efficiency than similar premium pumps and up to 50% compared to similar mid-range pumps.

Centrifugal sand pump is a transporting part of solids control circulating system of oilfield drill rig, and be used to offer drilling fluid with certain volume and pressure to desander,desilter or mixer. It can also be used as Charge Pump auxiliary perfusion for mud pump and Trip Pump for drilling well head.

sand pumps

DC Solid control newly designed according to features of petroleum and natural gas drilling equipment.It adopted the axial suction structure. The Flow components is wear-resistant cast iron, so it is applicable to transport corrosive drilling fluid with suspended particulates or other liquid media under similar work condition.

centrifugal pumps


1.Strong universality and interchangeability of the components.
2.The less leakage of the shaft sealing.
3.Reliable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.

Centrifugal sand pumps are generally placed in fluid or oil tanks that have sunken or become filled with sand, and then move sand through a series of pipes and junctions. They may possibly even move sand through other pumps that may be incorporated to maintain the material pressure through the entirety of the system.