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Batch of solid control equipment spare parts had finished the production and prepare to packed up for shipping UAE by Air. DC Solid control has 1 sets solid control system used in Tunisia drilling field for about 2 years. And running well of all equipment, so the clients want to order more spare parts to replaced the old ones.


The spare parts mainly have butterfly valves, centrifugal spare parts, shale shaker spare parts and decanter centrifuge spare parts. Please reference the below pictures.

Mud mixer

DC Solid control is a company focuses on solids control systems’ production, sales and after-sales maintenance service. We have professional works to assist filed installation and commissioning. DC Solids Control systems include all kinds of mud cleaning equipment with high quality, such as mud shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud centrifuge, mud agitator, etc.

The most business of DC Machinery is the overseas. Meanwhile, DC Machinery solid control system can also used in HDD, CBM, and water well drilling. If you have dirt mud can’t process, please contact us, you will get the cost solutions.

Centrifugal pumps whose assembling dimension is same to Mission centrifugal pumps are accepted by DC Machinery, is complied with API 610 also. Their service life is same as Mission’s pump and even longer.

centrifugal pump

These centrifugal pumps are developed and fabricated as supporting pumps based on requirement of transferring oil and gas drilling fluid in accordance with API 610. They adopt the axial sucking structure and all the hydraulic components are wear proof cast iron, which is suitable for delivering the corrosive drilling fluid with suspended particles in oil and gas well drilling.


Features of centrifugal pumps:
1. Open impeller design, ideally dealing high viscosity drilling slurries.
2. Combination seal for a long service life.
3. All pump models, use same frame support, convenient in maintainace and cut down costs.
4. The major parts are made from antiwear nodular iron,and long service life.

DC Centrifugal pump has been exported to many overseas countries. The reliable quality and cost effective solutions has helped DC Solids Control to win many orders of centrifugal pump from the world.