Drilling fluid mud gas separator is a special equipment of gas cut drilling fluid primary degassing, it is mainly used to eliminate the bubbles which the diameter isĀ about 3-25mm.

The big bubbles is aiming at the expansion gas which is fully the borehole, if it is not eliminated, it will causes the well kick even spurt the surface of drillĀ plate. The equipment uses the prevent sulfur material and adapts the gas with H2s processing.


Installation and maintenance


It is installed ground side of the circulation tank, use steel wire ropes fixed gas liquid separator with the ground.


1Before using, we should check the bottom buffer baffle, if attrition more than 10mm, it must be replaced the two baffles at the same time.
2After using we should keep the separator empty and open the washing month and clean it.

DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment. We can supply all kinds of mud gas separator such as DCZYQ800, DCZYQ1000, DCZYQ1200.

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