In drilling system, after the polymer and clay is fully sheared enter into drilling fluid system that can give full play to its function and improve drilling fluid performance.

So that, Shear pump is already used and the theory confirms efficiency and specialized machine that can shear polymer and clay. If it can’t be fully sheared, polymer maybe block shaker screen in first circulation loss large polymer, increase drilling cost and make the large size solid phase particles is harden and difficult to eliminate.

Using shear pump can decrease above 15% of polymer dosage, the dosage of bentonite will be decreased above 30% and improve mud cake and fluid loss, decrease drilling fluid shearing ration rate, improve jelly strength, the shaft seal structure is more reliable has excellent performance and use maintenance is more convenient.


Main function of shear pumps:

1. Shear pump can improve the extent of hydration of move soil particles. 

The dispersion of move soil particles in water and extent hydration is decided: the content of electrolyte, time, temperature, the number of replacement cationic and concentration. All other things were equal use shear pump can save above 30% bentonite.

2. Shear pump can make polymer shear dilute and hydrate rapidly.

The molecular weight of high-molecular polymer is higher which is used in mud, it is difficult to hydrate is directly added, so to high molecular polymer need be sheared. Shear pump can provide high shearing efficiency and to speed up the polymer dilution, hydration process.

DC Machinery in the study of a large number of domestic and foreign shear pump based on the improvement of shearing pump, comprising a complete shear and hydration system, quick shear dilution, a hydratable polymer.

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