Our company decanter centrifuge following the develop drilling technology. The high efficiency, energy conservation and environment of solidc control is the new development tendency. In oil solid control system, when drilling fluid centrifuge separate drilling cuttings, also can eliminate the useful solid phase and cause the energy waste and environmental pollution. How to efficiency separate and recover the useful solid phase have become the main problem.


To solid control centrifuge, research the motion law and subside of drilling fluid and solid particles in the centrifuge, the speed and force distribution is obvious important.

The separation process of solid phase and liquid phase is in the drum. The separation principle of drilling fluid centrifuge uses the drum high speed rotary drive the mud high speed rotary which enter into the drum, the mud is thrown to the wall of drum and form a liquid cycle, because the solid phase particles get the centrifugal force which is bigger than hundreds or thousands times of itself gravity, it overcomes the resistance of mud viscosity and sediment to the wall of the drum rapidly and form solid phase level, liquid phase form liquid level.

Features of DC Decanter Centrifuge
Southwest Petroleum University Technology Support
High Speed up to 3200RPM & Variable Speed by frequency converter
The main body of the decanter centrifuge made from stainless stee:SS304/SS316/Titanium Alloy
The screw propeller and solids discharge made from stainless steel Stainless Steel protected by tungsten carbide alloy.
German FAG/SKF Brand Bearings
Screw propeller & Solids Discharge Stainless Steel protected by tungsten carbide alloy.
Solids Liquid separation system package available
Electrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider/ CHINT


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