At present, solid control equipment have already widely used in oil and gas drilling. Following the high environment requirements of each regions. Solid control equipment has gradually used in tunnel shield.

Process of tunnel shield

Shield Method is one fully mechanized underground construction Method. The shield machine will be pushed forward, the surrounding rock will be supported by shield shell and segment. At the same time, excavation of soil will be conducted at the front of the excavation face by cutting device; the soil will be carried out by unearthed machine. After that, the shield machine will be pushed forward again by jack and assembling precast concrete segment, this is the general formation process of tunnel structure.

mud equipment

Why use solid equipment in tunnel shield

Solid control is a indispensable part for tunnel shield project. TBM as main equipment, solid control equipment as auxiliary equipment to make the TBM working in a high efficiency way. Solid control equipment can efficiency remove the drilling cutting step- by-step untill can compliance requirements of local Government. To realize the reuse of waste and keep ecological balance.

mus system

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tunnel shield project or bored pile project.

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  1. That’s interesting that many horizontal directional drilling projects place a high priority on reusing waste and debris from their project. It guess there could be a lot of moved earth if the project is a considerable length. Making sure that this material is reincorporated into the environment would reduce the ecological strain of a project and show better project stewardship. Thanks for the post.

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