At present, DC Solid control company are doing a HDD mud system for New Zeland customer who needs both shale shaker and mud cleaner on top of the mud tank. But however, the length is not enough. What should we do in this case? How to save space? We encounter problem.

double shaker

After we talked about this matter with our technical engineer, they offer a solution: use one mud cleaner with double deck shaker instead of separate shale shaker and mud cleaner. In this way, the mud cleaner with double deck shaker could used as a combination of shale shaker and desilter. In this way, we could save the space as half.

Mud system

The equipment configuration:
1.mud mixing tank package:
a. Mud cleaner with double deck shaker : 1 ea
b. jet mud mixer: 1ea
c. centrifugal pump: 2 ea
d. mud tank.

2 Mud recycling tank package:
a. Hopper
b. centrifugal pump
d. submersible slurry pump

The small mud system may be utilized for HDD, bored piles desander unit, water well drilling, trenchless,and so on projects. If you have interest please contact me.

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