Shear pump is base on the centrifugal pump theory, according improvement and developed the new, high efficiency centrifugal pump, it is the equipment which is rapid configuration and process drilling fluid in solid control equipment matching system, the main use is shearing polymer clay when allocate drilling fluid, it can effective mix and fully hydrated all the materials in drilling fluid, save the drilling materials, shorten the time of drilling fluid allocation, provide good performance drilling fluid for drilling process.

Shear pump transport the drilling fluid with small particles, working condition is very bad, when the shaft seal of shear pump is leakage, it can causes the efficiency of pump is decrease and waste drilling fluid, also can pollute environment. So high efficiency and reasonable seal quality is the key of ensure shear pump normal and safety operate.


The pump is single stage and single section of cantilever type centrifuge, it provides shearing function with guide liquid type, centrifugal combination impeller and shearing plate. The special structure liquid end impact shearing plate, make it high speed shear, in order to complete agitate to foluid.


The shear pump can mix and hydrate fully the materials which were added into the mud, to save the usage of mud materials, shorten the mix time and to supply good- performance mud for the drilling. The shear pump can increase the hydration degree of the particles, quicken the attenuation and hydration of the polymer and offer a high output volume and lift to match the requirement of preparation and mud.

DCJQB Shear Pump Parameters

Type JQB6545 JQB6535
Flow 120m3/h 100m3/h
Lift 45m 35m
Power 55kw 45kw
Weight 980kg 800kg
L×W×H 1150×1100×1500mm 1150×1100×1250mm

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