DC Solid control manufactures high performance shale shaker screens designed to handle large liquid flow rate capacity, plugging & blinding resistance, durable & long lasting construction at an economical price. Distinctly respects followings is the installation steps.


1 The inside of the screen body should be thoroughly washed or wiped clean. Be sure that all surfaces are free from debris and that
there are no cuttings or other foreign material caught beneath the screen when it is installed.

2 Make sure tension rails are pulled out as far as the slack in the tension bolts will allow, or insert the tee head bolt and turn 90°

3 Now insert the new screen cloth. Start one side of the screen hook strips under the tensioning rail and slip it in slightly. Start the opposite side in the same manner and with the screen square; push it into the screen.

4 The screen is in place when the hook strips on the screen are flush with each end of the screen.

5 Hand tighten the four corner tensioning nuts so that there is an equal amount of space between the hook strips and the wall of the screen on all four corners.

6 Tighten the remaining nuts hand tight.

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