The common elliptic mode shape

Because the mode shape is fixed exciter on the directly above of the screen box and each locus of import and export moth is round, but the long shaft of elliptic is intersection on the above of screen. The particle moving is good in the export of the screen, but because of the long shaft of elliptic locus in screen export month is tilting, make the speed of drilling cutting is decrease and it is difficult to jump out of the screen, even appearing drilling cuttings accumulation phenomena. Drilling cuttings accumulate increase the through screen opportunity of drilling cuttings, make the solid phase content is increase, if extending the screen, it maybe flow back.

Round mode shape

Because the installation location of exciter in the center mass of screen, the resultant of exciter and mechanical spring according screen center mass. So all mode shape are all approximate round. The normal and crosswise of this kind of shale shake is equal. Screen surface can be installed level, drilling cuttings don’t have accumulation phenomena on the screen surface, it can increase the throughput. In addition, because drilling cuttings are casted to up, but the distance of transportation direction is short, so the speed of the sand transport is slow.

Translation linear mode shape

Each dot of screen box do linear motion, the screen surface is also can installed level, the screm surface has the high speed of solid phase particles transportation, on the screen surface don’t has drilling cuttings accumulation phenomena. Only the vibration direction is reasonable, it also can increase the throughput, this method is widely used in foreign, this is a good mode shape.

Translation elliptic mode shape

Translation elliptic mode shape combined advantages of the round shale shaker and linear shale shaker. Because the elliptic long shaft is inclined to export month direction of shale shaker, each point motion rules are the same, but the transverse amplitude of this kind of mode shape is bigger than vertical amplitude.

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