In HDD industry, mud is necessary, so we must take steps to solve the problems, decrease the pollution of mud.

Adjusting drilling process parameter and control drilling mud displacement

The mud displacement should accord to geology condition to control. Controlling the mud displacement is the key of avoiding risk mud in drilling, if it has no risk mud condition when drill the pilot hole, then the probability of ground risk mud condition is less when chambering and back to drag, so after completing the pilot hole, if it balanced with two sides pressure of unearthed point. So in order to reach the purpose, mud displacement must accord the geology to reasonable control.

Allocating the impeccable mud circulating and cleaning dispose recovery system:

Using mud cleaning recovery system dispose the returned mud from the mud pit, the mud will be reused to reach the aim of control mud quantity.

Mud treatment process:

Using pumping slurry pump transport the waste mud to shale shaker of recovery system to desilt, then enter into hydrocyclone for further desilting, at last the desander processed desilt process and after complete the mud purification dispose enter into circulating tank.

Using mud solidification technology and reach the environmental protection requirement 

After the HDD process the mud is liquid and flowed, it is difficult to dispose, it need use mud curing agent. It has the effect of concretion and preventing the water dissolve and moving and reach the purpose of environmental protection.

Transportation of abandon mud

Using mud solidify technology can dispose the abandon mud, but the processing cost is high, only the professional personnel can do it, most use tanker carting out of the field. Transport is large of this method, cost is high, it suits small engineering project to use, large projects is disagreed use the method, because the cost is too high.


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