Mud circulating system is the the equipment and system used on a drilling or workover rig pump drilling mud into and out of a well. On a drilling rig, the drilling mud is sucked out of the mud tanks where it is stored by the suction line that goes to the mud pumps or hogs.

The mud then flows through the discharge or mud line; down the rotary hose, swivel, kelly, drillpipe, and drill collars; and out the nozzle on the drill bit, onto the bottom of the well.

solid control system

The mud picks up well cuttings and then flows up the annulus between the wellbore and the drill pipe, through the blowout preventers to the surface. On the surface, the drilling mud flows through the mud return line to the solids-control equipment, which includes the shale shaker, desander, desilters and degassers. It then flows back into the mud tanks to be recirculated.

Drilling rig circulating equipment used to remove fine-grained well cuttings from weighed drilling fluid using desilting hydrocyclones and vibrating very-fine mesh screens without excessive loss of barite and fluid. The intake is after the shale shaker. The hydrocyclone underflow flows onto the screens. Solids are disposed of in the reserve or waste pit. The fluid is discharged into the mud tank. General term for the shale shakers, desanders, desilters, and settling tanks used to remove solids from circulating drilling mud on a drilling rig.

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