hydrocyclone device that removes large drill solids from the whole mud system. The desander should be located down steam  of the shale shakers and degassers, but before the desilters or mud cleaners.      

Design Principles:

DC desander is produced by an advanced design, careful engineering, quality materials and finest workmanship which comprising 8, 10, and 12 inches cone diameter. As desanders have varying capacity based on its diameter.

Operation Mechanism:

Desander include two 12-in.(305-mm) diameter polyurethane hydroclones slant mounted over the shaker. Each desander clone includes four replaceable wear resistant polyurethane sections that are joined together with quick release stainless steel clamps. The desander is furnished with an 8-in.(203-mm) diameter feed manifold and a 10-in (254-mm) diameter discharge manifold and a 0-60 psi (4.1-bar) pressure gauge. The desander also includes a solids discharge trough to distribute the hydroclone underflow evenly onto the screening surface.

Tangshan Dachuan Machinery has overcome the disadvantage of the original manufacuture technology, produced a new style hyrocyclonic desander based on the thoery of particle sedimentation.

The characteristics

1. Combined by the 10″ or 12″ swirler and pipes, the operation and maitenance is much easier.
2. Used the abrasion resistant special polyurethane which is corrosion resistant, anti-scouring and has a long life.
3. Put the materials into machine along the tangent line of the inlet hole, the transition is smooth and is in favor of increasing separation efficiency. The separation range is large.
4. The bottom flow hole of hydrocyclone discharges the sand particles as an umbrella and the wet discharging can make the particles be dischaged quickly to avoid the block of bottom flow hole.
5. The symmetrical inlet structure makes the allocation more reasonable and the work stable.
6. The bottom flow hole can be adjusted to control the handling capacity to match the different requirements.
7. According to the clients’ requirements of the handling capacity, the desander can be made up by several groups of hydrocyclone.

Our country solid control manufactures are mainly produce the hydrocyclone, the desander and desilter. The quality index of hydrocyclone is abrasive resistance, the performance of hydrocyclone is the separation granularity, the D50, the D50 is lower, the separation effect is good. In the desander and desilter device, we must attention the range of separation particles, it must has a certain distance and a certain overlap. According the classification standard and the separation granularity of the hydrocyclone, the inner diameter of column volute is Φ150—300mm, the separation granularity is 74—44μm hydrocyclone is all the drilling fluid desander; The inner diameter of column volute isΦ100—150, the separation granularity is 44—15μm hydrocyclone is all the desilter. But some matching desander and desilter which the separation granularity are very similar, thedrilling fluid is processed by the drilling fluid desander, then it is processed by desilter, leading to the desilter don’t have the function of removing solid phase particles.

The main reason is that the manufacture level of domestic hydrocyclone can’t reach the requirements, the effect also can’t reach the requirements of drilling technology. So many user choose two sets drilling fluid desander instead of a set of drilling fluid desilter, the matching scheme of the desilter. Some users simply install the second desander in the place which installation the desilter, the process flow is can’t be changed. This is wrong.

The performance parameter of the two drilling fluid desander are the same, we should use the parallel process, it can be as the spare and increase the drilling fluid throughput in the high speed rotation. But to the high performance of drilling fluid well, the reasonable scheme is setting a desilter and a desnader, using the tandem technology process. But when we choose the desilter and desander, we should choose the different separation size equipments. Such as the separation size is 40—60μm of the desander, the separation size of desilter is 15-45um, it can achieve a good treatment effect.

In the process of drilling, the drilling cuttings are produced in the bottom well are carried to the ground by drilling fluid, drilling fluid shale shaker is the fastest, biggest and earliest solid control equipment which remove the drilling cuttings, it is the necessary the first process equipment. The engineering level of shale shaker is mainly reaction in the ability of throughput, the reasonable of working, the length of using life, operation and maintenance.

The situation of size of drilling fluid particles, content viscosity and the performance are non changed, the dynamic shear is bigger of drilling fluid solid phase particles, the take off resistance of solid phase particles, the migration speed of solid phase is getting smaller. The theoretical research of foreign drilling fluid shale shaker is fully realize it, drilling fluid flow out from the drilling separator, before enter into the shale shaker screen, setting a drilling fluid impact tank, preventing the drilling fluid directly impact the screen, maximum decrease the shear stress which the drilling fluid return from the well month, not only the stress of solid phase and the motion are reasonable, but also decrease the status of drilling fluid runs and emits and increase the throughput of the drilling fluid, extend using life of the screen.

In recent years, the domestic shale shaker has a great improve, especially in theoretical reach, such as the movement locus of shale shaker and the using life of shale shaker have already reach or approach the word advanced level. But the research in domestic shale shakers don’t attention the importance function of drilling fluid impact tank in shale shaker,  when we choose drilling fluid shale shakers, we must choose the structure shale shakers

In addition, because the material, processing technic, working accuracy and the matching use of the common equipment are different, make the products actually reach the technology performance has a great distinguish. So we choose drilling fluid shale shakers, we must detail know the material, processing technic, working accuracy and the matching use of common equipment instead of the show technical index to choose.

Drilling fluid is made of dispersion medium, dispersion phase and additive.

Drilling fluid is mainly made of liquid phase, solid phase and chemical treating agent. Liquid phase can be water (fresh water, saline), oil (crude, diesel oil) or lactescence (mix oil emulsion and inverse emulsion). Solid phase is including useful solid phase (expansive soil, additivi material) and the useless solid phase( rock). Chemical treating agent is including inorganic, organic and polymer compound.

Water base drilling fluid is use the water as dispersion medium, it is a sol Suspension hybrid system. The major components are water, clay, additive and all kinds of chemical treating agent. There are five stages of the base water drilling fluid, the nature drilling fluid (1904-1921), fine dispersion drilling fluid (1921-1946), coarse dispersion drilling fluid (1946-1937), don’t spread low solid phase drilling fluid (1966 until now).

The base water drilling fluid is divided into;

a The fresh water drilling fluid. The content of sodium chloride is less than 10mg/cm&sup3, the content of calcium ion is less than 0.12mg/cm³。

b The saline drilling fluid ( seawater and salt water drilling fluid included). The content of sodium chloride is higher than 0.12mg/cm³.

c The saturated salt water drilling fluid. It is saturated solution with a kind or various soluble salt.

d The calcium treatment drilling fluid. The content of calcium ion is less than 0.12mg/cm³

e The hybrid emulsion drilling fluid, it has the water base drilling fluid with 3%-40% emulsified oil.

     f The don’t disperse and low solid phase polymer drilling fluid, the contend of solid phase is less than 4%, it has the moderate polymer

     g The potassium base drilling fluid, the content of the potassium chloride is higher than 3%, from 1978, it was used in our country oil field.

    h The polymer drilling fluid. The polymer as the main body, the ingredients is viscosity reducer, filtrate reducer, prevent collapse agent,

lubricant and all kinds of chemical treating agent. It is a new drilling fluid system developed in the 1980s.


Drilling fluid solid phase control is mainly remove the harmful solid phase and save the useful solid phase, also can control the gross of solid phase in drilling and the grain size distribution in the reasonable ranges, the drilling technology can meet the requirements of the performance of drilling fluid. Usually drilling fluid solid phase control is short for solid control and mud purification system.

The classify and size distribution of solid phase

According the difference characteristics, there are different classification methods.

1 According the different effects of solid phase in drilling fluid: useful solid phase and harmful solid phase.

2 According the density of solid phase: the high density solid phase and the low density solid phase. The high density solid phase is according the requirements of drilling fluid technology add the aggravate materials to improve the density of drilling fluid, the low density solid phase include the bentonite and treating agent of the need of configuration drilling fluid and rock debris.

3 According the reaction of the solid phase and liquid phase: activity solid phase and inertia solid phase. The solid phase and liquid phase is react is called activity solid phase, solid phase and liquid phase don’t react is called inertia solid phase. The activity solid phase is bentonite, shale, clay and ect. The liquid phase are limestone, granite and barite ect.

In the drilling, because the type and drilling parametric of lithology drill head is different, so the content of solid phase and the grain size distribution is different.

The common solid control method are

Irrigation method, replace method, natural sedimentation, chemical sedimentation and mechanical  eliminate.

The modular design and standardized platform of the King Cobra Venom Shale shaker offers a wide range of options to meet many rig designs.

The national oil well Varco Cobra shaker utilizes three pretension screens and linear motion to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. This allows the Cobra shale shaker to minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the Cobra shaker is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is necessary to sustain optimal operation. Additionally the shaker’s rugged design offers years of reliable operation.

The Cobra PMD shaker screen is the special screen type. Many shaker screen producers won’t produce them. But some manufacturers will make such goods according to users’ demand.

All this kinds shaker screen, we promise will offer the best price by the good quality in
china! We have confidence that you will satisfy with our products and service. We promise that all our products are made of top quality materials. Above items are just a part, many more Cisco products are not listed out, please feel free contact us for more details. Thank you for your attention

The drilling mud centrifuge is used for the recovery of barytes, cleaning the fine solid phases, decreasing the volume of solid phases in the drilling mud and guaranteeing the        performance of drilling mud。DCLW series is a normal decanting centrifuge mode of our company, they are ideal choices for separating particles in drilling mud. Decanting Centrifuge separate the suspending fluids using the principle of centrifugal action, the suspending fluids are pushed into the rotor drum through the inlet pipe and the fluid hole of the spiral feeder.

Feature of DC decanting centrifugal

a User friendly advanced control technology

b Screen and Solid bowl configurations

c Bowls range from 150mm – 1400mm Diameter

d Sealed and pressure-tight construction

e The screw propeller and solids discharge made from stainless steel Stainless Steel protected by  tungsten carbide alloy.

f Screw propeller & Solids Discharge Stainless Steel protected by  tungsten carbide alloy.

g Southwest Petroleum University Technology Support 

The DCLW decanter Centrifuges boast infinite speed adjustability of main bowl drive and backdrive (differential). Utilizing variable frequency drives on all motors allows low amperage start-ups and eliminates troublesome sheave changes. Stainless steel wetted parts, tungsten carbide hard facing on bowl and scroll, as well as superior gearbox construction.

DC uses high quality stainless steel on all surfaces that the processed material comes in contact with.

The mud agitator is widely used in the ground tank of the drilling fluid. The mechanical mud agitator is made of the drive motor, gear reducer, transmission box output shaft and impeller ect.The appropriate mud agitator can keep all the solid phase particles uniform, if  the shearing action is proper, the performance of the drilling fluid system is all the same and can save power.


The principle of operation

The impeller can stengthen the stirring effect by making vortex of the drilling fluid. The tray installed between the leaf blades can prevent the deposition of the solid particles when the machine stopped, thereby, to reduce the moment of resistance inflicted by the sediment to the impellers when restart the equipment, therefore, to avoid burnout of the machine.

The structure of the mud agitator

The transmission mechanism

The transmission mechanism are mainly made of motor, reducer device, coupling and the mixer shaft, there are a few drilling fluid mud agitators in the solid control equipment. The rotating mechanism of the turbine and the worm is simple, the strong reliability, it is the most popular in the drilling fluid, now the foreign all use the worm and gear to rotate directly.


The impeller is the part of rotation, the structure of the impeller determines the function of the impeller, the sharps of the different liquid storage tanks are different, we select the different impellers according to the experiences and customs. The reasonable method is according to the mixing purpose and the formation of flow state to select .

The mixer shaft

The mixer shaft is the structure of lifting, in the process of the drilling fluid, the agitator can’t stop. There are some causes in the practical work, so usually it can’t reach the
Requirement. After the agitator stoped, because the tank has desilting, the serous tables are buried in the desilting, it is very difficult to start. The blades are often breaked and the motor is often burning loss.

DC Solids Control as a professional manufacturer for soilds control equipments, we have designed lots of high-quality products, and JBQ series Agitator is one of them. To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably.This agitator agitates the mud to make cuttings, silt and sand pass the solids control system without being precipitated onto the tank bottom. Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, this product is featured by compact construction, light weight, balanced transmission, low noise, high efficiency of transmission and strong agitating power. Therefore, it is a reliable product in the solids control system.


ZCQ vacuum degasser is a special equipment to deal with gas drilling fluid, which is applied to the mating of the other drilling equipment to eliminate the harmful gas of the fluid, to recover the specific gravity and stabilize the viscosity of the fluid.  ZCQ series Vacuum Degasser is a special-purpose device and a new type one for the treatment of gas in the drilling fluids. Also, at the same time vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system。

The function

The ZCQ Series Vacuum Degasser can quickly remove all kinds of entrained gas from the fluids. It is an indispensable equipment in gas wells, prospect wells and deep wells. It is also used with various kinds of clean circulating systems for drilling. The gas-fluids separation structure of the HV Series degasser is well designed, ensures efficient separation and proper filtering. A water ring vacuum style degasser is used for degassing combustible gas and explosive gas. Do contact us for further sales enquiries.

The ZCQ vacuum degasser has performed reliably on hundreds of thousands of wells and has earned its reputation as the standard of the industry, Vacuum degasser is one important part but not a phase of solids control, it is used to separate the gas and drilling fluids for safe and environment friendly. It is always installed after the shale shaker, and before the desander and desilter

Features & Benefits

       ·Skid-Mounted – Simplifies spotting and installation.

       ·Self-Contained – The unit consists of a cylindrical vacuum tank with internal baffle system, vacuum      pump, jet nozzle and three-way float valve.

       ·Three-Way Float Valve – Unique design allows venting to the flare line during hydrogen sulfide service.

       ·High Performance – The D-GASSER can handle up to 1,000 gpm while restoring mud to its original  density.

       ·Robust - The unit is ruggedly built and is coated inside and out with a corrosion-resistant epoxy to ensure long life and minimum maintenance.

 DC solid control is a professional manufacturer of solid control system/equipment in china. We will provide our clients high quality products with most reasonable price, at the same time we also sincerely offer the high level after sales service for any home or abroad clients.

You are welcomed to consult or visit us any time.

Drilling fluid gun belongs to the water conservancy agitator equipment, its function is rely on high speed fluid which is produced from the gun nozzle, impacting the solid phase which in drilling fluid bottom storage tank and keep it suspension. After the agitator stop a period of time, the depositional solid phase bury the impellers, it is needed to restart, drilling fluid gun can eliminate a part of resistance distance when the agitator start, it can provide the reasonable guarantee for regular work of agiatator.

The mud agitator is composed by explosion-proof electric machine, reducer,engine base and impeller components. The electric machine ,reducer and impeller shaft are connected with each other by solid couplings. 4 leaf blades were welded on each impeller.

Operarting Principles: The impeller can stengthen the stirring effect by making vortex of the drilling fluid. The tray installed between the leaf blades can prevent the deposition of the solid particles when the machine stopped, thereby, to reduce the moment of resistance inflicted by the sediment to the impellers when restart the equipment, therefore, to avoid burnout of the machine.


The structure of drilling fluid gun

According the structure of drilling fluid gun, it is divided into stationary type and rotation type.

1 The stationary type drilling fluid gun is similar with water conservancy agitator which the tank has nozzles, but the drilling fluid gun is installed on the two diagonal which is from 200meter to the bottom tank, the nozzle direction is parallel the longitudinal tank wall of circulation tank.

2 The rotation type drilling fluid gun is divided into hand regulation and autorotation. The hand regulation agitator has two hinges, it is made of access tubes, shell, spray gun and the replaceable nozzle

The differences

1 The cost of drilling fluid gun is lower than mechanical agitator.

2 In the premise of meet the requirements of pump power can use the drilling pumps.

3 The flow can concentrate in a location to decrease or eliminate the dead zone.

4 The weight is lighter than mechanical agitator.

5 It can improve the rate of shearing.


1 If use along the drilling fluid system stir, it need a lot of drilling fluid guns, the cost of pumps and pipes is big.

3 The nozzle is abraded and let to high speed flow, it needs greater power, if the nozzle is not replaced in time, it may led to motor overload.

4 If solid phase have already precipitate, drilling fluid gun directly shot to the sediment, the sediment is maybe blocking the pump, conical shield or centrifugal.

The spray gun with the nozzles, rely on the two hinges, it can spurt any direction in the two perpendicular planes inside. The automatic rotary drilling fluid gun is made of input pipes, body gun, cross fitting, the two bends with nipples, replacement nozzle and two coat nots.

 The use of drilling fluid gun has a certain limitation, drilling fluid gun is auxiliary tool of mechanical mixing plant device, the mud gun can dispose the solid phase suspension which is didn’t disposed by mechanical agitator. According the research date, the depth of useful effect is only 1.5-2.7m, it is related with the drilling fluid density, viscosity and the speed nozzle.