Now considering use the KCL- polymer and Gel- lignin sulfonate the two drilling fluid. The kcl is 528.34 yuan / m3, Gel- lignin sulfonate is 132.1yuan/m3, the drilling solid phase is 4% of kcl drilling fluid system, but the drilling solid phase is 5% of the Gel- lignin sulfonate.

 Different drilling fluid comparison

444.5(mm)well hole

KCL- polymer

Gel- lignin sulfonate

Solid control efficiency(Ef)



Average size of hole(mm)



311.2(mm) well hole



Solid control efficiency(Ef)



Solid control efficiency(Ef)



 Calculating the cost of every meters

The cost of every meters compared of different drilling fluid

Diameter of well hole

KCL- polymer

Gel- lignin sulfonate


186.27  yuan

52.01  yuan


61025   yuan

22.82  yuan

Generally speaking, the good KCL system, solid control efficiency is good and the well hole is regulation, although it has a big distinction in big diameter well hole, the cost of KCL system is all high, but in the system still has competitiveness in small diameter well hole.

In the surface well hole, usually use the cheap drilling fluid, maybe the drilling speed is more quickly, so this kind of drilling fluid has the higher solid phase compatibility limited; but in small well hole, using the polymer drilling fluid, the drilling speed maybe more quick, so polymer drilling fluid is good for solid phase control.

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