The mud gas separator is designed to remove gas from the mud/fluid before it is transferred to the shale shaker system. It separates gas out of the mud after the gas comes out of hole.

The mud gas separator is strictly used for well control only. There are some events that this equipment is utilized in a well testing operation. Additionally, inspection for the gas buster must be performed frequently the same as other well control equipment.

mud gas separator

People tends to forgot about this since it is just only a vertical separator tank without high pressure specification like BOP, choke manifold, valves, etc. Erosion is one of the worst enemies to the vessel like this and it can be seen at the points where the drilling mud impinges on the internal wall vessel.

Each mud gas separator has limitation on much it can safely handle volume of gas. If the volume of gas exceeds the maximum limit, gas can blow through into the rig. It is very important that you must estimate gas flow rate on surface based on pit gain and kill rate in order to see how much expected gas on surface.

This will be the limitation on how much you can circulate for well killing operation. You can estimate the volume gas on surface by using well control kill sheet provided by several companies. You need to ensure that the vent line should be as straight as possible with a larger ID in order to minimize back pressure while venting the gas out.

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