Mud mixing hopper is a spare parts of solid control system. DC Mud Mixer/Hopper is scientifically designed to be the optimal solution for mixing of both mud bulk material and mud additive chemicals into the drilling fluid.

The unit has an optional plenum chamber to collect material flow from different sources, such as the surge tank, sack slitting machine and manual sack slitting table.

mud hopper producer

The mud hopper can be supplied in either manual or automatic versions according to your project requirements. The automatic version is equipped with overflow andbackflow prevention. A level switch, located in the hopper halts dosing of powder when at maximum level. Pressure transmitters (supplied as loose items) close the dry powder inlet valve when delta pressure falls.

mud hopper

The rugged design, in stainless steel, (AISI 316) allows for the use of the mud hopper for harsh offshore environments. Our mud hopper meets all relevant offshorehealth, safety, security and environment requirements. If you have requirements, please contact DC office.

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