Mud gas separator is also called Poorboy degasser or liquid gas separator which is a common safety device in oil and gas drilling mud circulation system. The purpose of a separator is to separate free gas or mixed gas and oil from the drilling fluid and convey the gas or oil to a flare or holding tank.

mud gas separator5

Mud-gas Separator handles a high proportion of mud solids and may experience hydrate plugging as a result of gas expansion through choke. Design of our Mud Gas Separator is based on conventional process practice, involving a liquid seal system matched to an adequate gas vent.

Specification of mud gas separator
Temperature range : -40°C TO 75°C
Pressure rating : UP TO 15 BAR
Venting size : UP TO 12″
Outlet size : UP TO 10″
Dimension: Based on rig requirements.
Capacity inlet pipe (MIN/IN) : UP TO 125/5

DC Solid control supply both vertical or horizontal Mud gas separator and fitted with internal baffles and distribution nozzles but performance of the liquid seal is independent of these design features.

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