Mud gas separator(Poor Boy Degasser) is professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. Two sets of mud gas separators shipped to
foreigns yesterday.

Mud gas separators in other countries also called Poor boy degasser,Liquid-gas separators,Mud/Gas Separators, etc. DC Solids Control
designs and manufactures ZYQ Mud gas Separators. Mud gas Separators is an extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipment for
today’s drilling operations.


Based upon your predicted operating conditions and your required gas handling capacity we will be able to calculate the optimal size
of your mud gas separator. All our mud gas separators are supplied with a complete calculation package; this will include mechanical
strength calculations, theoretical separation capacities and safe working pressures etc.


DC solid control is capable of providing customers with all kinds of oil & gas drilling solids control equipment, centrifuges and
drilling waste treatment equipment, including 25 categories of products, which are extensively used in oil & gas drilling and
workover, coalbed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, water well, geothermal well drilling, trenchless horizontal directional
crossing projects, mine gravel staged treatment, tailings treatment, rive dredging works, industrial wastewater treatment,
environmentally friendly sewage treatment, waste oil recovery and purification treatment, etc.

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