This is the fouth set mud cleaning system send to Russia. The Russia company is a Oil & gas drilling service company, we had build the cooperation from 2012 CIPPE Exhibition. Now we have already become friendly steady business cooperater.


Mud cleaning system is used in petroleum drilling, all the system manufactured by DC Solid control was according to the Russian senior engineer requirements. Sometimes we put out our points for their reference.

Now the solid control system, mud screen and spare parts are delivering, the sytsem including 2 sets DCS700-3 shale shaker, 1 DCQJ250X2-100X12 mud cleaner, 11 sets JBQ5.5 mud agitator, 9 sets centrifugal, 3 sets screw pump, 280pcs mud screens, and 3 Iron packages of each equipment spare parts. Now, the company want to append order a centrifuge and jet mud mixer to matched used.


Mud cleaning system is a corollary equipment for drill rig, also it is a obbligato part in oil and gas driling. DC Solid control can customize all kinds of drilling mud cleaning system for each drill rig that providing more convenience for drilling service company. Any requirements or something that not clearly about of solid control system please feel free to contact us, maybe we can give you the most professional answers.

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