Usually, mud cleaner is the second stage equipment of whole solid control system. With the combination of a desander and desilter mounted over a powerful multi-functional shale shaker, DC Solid control’s line of mud cleaners offer both high performance and versatility for the operator.

The underflow screen is like having another shale shaker which receives the waste from the cyclone nozzle for additional processing. This is positioned so that the mud cleaner can recover more of the drilling mud. Our mud cleaner is the perfect piece of equipment in the second and third stage of the drilling mud treatment.


This integration of advanced equipment puts forth a unit that can handle large volumes of circulating fluids and is able to retain fluid integrity. Features such as our wedge-lock fastening system, mud bypass gate, and explosion proof enclosures all allow for ease of use.

Our pride is truly expressed in our work through our craftsmanship, research, design, and the overall practicality of our equipment.The mud cleaner is effective in processing both weighted and unweighted drilling mud during mud systems in removing and drying solids whilst retaining the expensive drilling liquid. Used correctly the drilling mud cleaner would lower both drilling-fluid and disposal costs.

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