DC mud agitator is composed by explosion-proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impeller components. The electric machine, reducer and impeller shaft are connected with each other by solid couplings. 4 leaf blades were welded on each impeller.

Mud agitator

Drilling fluid mud agitator is a part of mud purification matching system, mud agitator mix the mud, make drilling cuttings and mud can’t deposit in the bottom of tank and smoothly through the purification system to design. Its main function is make solid phase suspension in drilling fluid, drilling cuttings is the main component part of harmful solid phase. In order to remove the harmful solid phase, they must be suspended, then is injected to desander, desilter and centrifuge to realize it.

Mud agitator keep drilling fluid uniformity and make solid phase particles suspension. It is used to drilling fluid agitate and mix, in order to prevent drilling fluid solid phase deposit in tank type circulating system, make drilling fluid performance is steady and mixing uniform.


Unique features
The motor is import form Siemens
The connection parts are all stainless
The reducer is the renowned brands from domestic.
The bearing is from Sweden SKF.
Oil seal is import oil seal.
The original of control cabinet are all Siemens.

Mud agitator uses cycloidal reducer under the 5.5kw, mud agitator is used in oil drilling fluid agitate, the structure is compact, the cover area is small, under 7.5kw drilling fluid mud agitator use turbine worm reduction drive, the transfer torque is big, operation is smooth, the work is reasonable. The common use model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11 and JBQ15.

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