Composite screen usually means the shaker screen with composite frame. The composite frame include internal steel frame and plastic injected. Internal frame is made of carbon steel tube and rod.

We also can make the internal support frame with aluminum alloy tubes. Aluminum alloy tube will be much lighter than steel one, but we trust steel tube frame will be more strong during injection and higher adhesive force.


The composite frame screen will be finished by heat press. Usually, we put wire cloth on composite frame and vulcanizer plate will press them together by very high temperature (about 200℃). Of course, we should pay attention on the heating time. It will affect appearance and whole screen quality reflect on blanked area.

shaker screen

Now, there are also different manufacturer produce the composite screen  for Derrick 48-30 shaker, King Cobra shaker, even some of them produce pyramid composite screen. We are not sure about the quality of different type screen from different producers. But we do appreciate the R&D capability and the invention attitude. We trust under long time practice we’ll get actual result.

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