Linear motion shale shaker is the most used separation equipment in solid control system. It has a mesh screen whereby the return mud from the well and drill cuttings flow over when the shaker vibrates.

Now, DC Solid control produced 12 sets linear motion shale shaker to Dubai clients used in oil field. A shale shakers are not only used in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, but also in other industries, such as ore mining and cleaning, coal mining and cleaning, etc.

shale shaker

Main Features:
1.The vibration system adopts long rod type explosion-proof vibration motor,with the advantages of compact structure, easy installation,simple maintenance,smooth operation and long service life.
2.Strong vibration,high migration speed, high permeation and large treatment capacity.
3.Free operation screen box improves separation effect by extending the time of solids on the screen.
4.This type of shale shaker adopts high-performance rubber shock isolator and floating suspension support structure,realizing the ideal charateristic of non- linear,making the vibration more smooth and effectively lowered vibration noise.
5.All the fasteners of the equipment is made from precise processed stainless steel materials of high quality. The special parts adopts high strength materials and the spare parts of key positions have gotten surface coating treatment.

shale shakers

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