The DCLW Series decanter scroll is the most flexible available on the market. Its specific open flight design reduces the torque created by the sludge and improves the clarification rate. The special cone design leads to a high sludge compaction.

Reduction of sludge conveying torque by 30% which impacts positively the gear box life time and the scroll drive size
High cake dryness due to better sludge compaction
Optimization of centrifuge power consumption due to High Hydraulic Pressure design
Excellent centrate quality due to improved and flow conditions
decanter centrifuge

Benefits of the DCLW Series decanter:

Up to 40% savings in energy costs
Low cost of ownership due to low power consumption features and high performance rotor
Easy and immediate change of process settings due to variable scroll and bowl speeds
Inline and fast dismantling design
Minimum footprint requirements due to in-line design
Optimum process performance due to adjustable pond depth and automatic control system
Lowest possible machine downtime due to easy, fast, and efficient service and maintenance efforts
High capacity and dryness
Ease of maintenance and low maintenance cost
Closed cooling system, no cross contamination

You are welcome to contact DC Machinery to get more detailed infos of DCLW Series decanter centrifuge, we will supply our best service for you.

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