A mud agitator is mainly used to agitating mud to make it floating. Drilling mud igniter is installed horizontally. Reduction gears are single stage turbine circular- arc cylindrical worm, which can provide high efficiency.

The main structure of mud agitator is the impeller-type which is mainly applied to mix the drilling fluids, so that to avoid the solids deposit on the bottom of the mud tank and enhance the performance of the drilling fluids.


Structure of mud agitator

This mud agitator mainly includes explosion-proof electric motor, speed reducer, foundation support and impeller component. The electric motor and speed reducer, as well as the speed reducer and impeller shaft are all connected by the rigid coupling device. Besides, the impeller is welded on the basis of four vanes.


Working principle

The impeller agitates the drilling fluids into vortex motion, which offers better mixing effect. The trays are placed among the vanes, which are used to prevent the solids deposit around the vanes when the agitation is stopped. As a result, this reduces the starting resistance that solids bring to vanes, whereby the electric motor is protected against the overloading damage.

Features and Benefits of Mud Agitator

1.Small footprint without skid.
2.Helical-Bevel gearbox.
3.Motor can be horizontal or vertical.
4.Longer usable life on motor and gear box.
5.Require less space also easy to handle.
6.High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature.
7.Adaptable for different application.
8.C-Face Explosion proof electrical motor direct connection with gear box. ATEX,IEC Ex, and Marine Motors area available for option.

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