Decanter centrifuge is the third stage of solid control equipment which is most important in the whole solid control system. It can separate 2-7um solid phase, whose the treatment effect is very ideal.

In order to meet abroad clients requirements, DC Solid control manufactured 2 sets centrifuge to be as inventory. One is DCLW450-1000, and the other is DCLW360-1200VFD.


DCLW450-1000 decanter centrifuge is a very popular model, users are very satisfied with its treatment effect and the reasonable price. Usually ZJ1000, ZJ2000 and ZJ3000 use the model centrifuge. The drum diameter is 450mm, and drum length is 1000mm. Its normal treating capacaity is 30-45m3/h. Ads we know the most important part of centrifgue iss the drum materials, the DCLW450-1000 drum material is #304 stainless.


Meanwhile, DC Solid control DCLW360-1200VFD decanter centrifuge is also a popular centrifuge, but it is the dual Frequency centrifuge with a big control box to adjust the rotation speed.  Its max speed is about 3900rpm, typical speed is 3200rpm and bowl speed(VFD) is from 0-3900rpm. Max treating capacity is 40m3/h which can separate 2-5um solids. It is widely used in ZJ3000, ZJ4000 and other drill rig.

Now DCLW450-1000 and DCLW360-1200VFD centrifuges are in inventory, and with the most favorable price compared usual price, and if you have need of it please don’t wait and fell free to contact us, you will buy the centrifuge as the lowest price and high quality.

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