In the United States, cuttings boxes (small tanks) must be Coast Guard approved. In other developed areas there are similar requirements. These standards have been developed for safety reasons. Some of the drilling cutting box requirements are:


1. Cutting boxes should have a cover that can be locked down and sealed shut. Lid gaskets should be checked frequently.
2. The Cutting boxes must be of sufficient strength to survive a drop of 1 meter without leaking or deforming. Skids, frames, and braces should be in good shape. If the Cutting boxes is rusty or shows signs of abuse, it is probably not maintained properly.
3. Since the Cutting boxes is sealed, it must have pressure relief to prevent
explosion and vacuum relief to allow the lid to be opened when the contents cool and form a vacuum. A rupture disc is usually installed on the lid to allow emergency venting. Check the rupture disc inspection date. A small valve may be used for vacuum venting.


In developing countries, homemade boxes are sometimes encountered. Transporting and emptying boxes is always dangerous. The use of homemade boxes or poorly maintained boxes can be hazardous.

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