Customer must specify the “Tank Depth” in order to properly size the agitator shaft. Note that certified drawings, if requested or required, provided with the equipment will take precedence over any information in this manual. “Tank Depth” is obtained by measuring from the top of the structure (beams, channels, etc.) on which the agitator base will be supported to the bottom of the tank. Shaft length is typically sized to allow 3 inches of clearance from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the agitator shaft.


A. Lifting the Agitator

Lift the agitator only at the lift points provided. Use properly rated slings capable of handling the weight of the equipment. In most cases, the impeller will be installed after the agitator base has been lifted into the tank but before the base has been securely mounted. If the agitator is lifted with the impeller shaftintalled, make sure that the shaft coupling has been completely tightened and that the shaft is securely attached before lifting. It is always good practice to remove the impeller shaft before removing an existing agitator.

B. Before Installing Mud Agitator

Before installing the agitator, care should be taken to ensure that the structure on which the agitator will be mounted is capable of withstanding both the static load and the dynamic loads that will be transferred to the tank structure.

C. Installing the Agitators 

Typically, the shaft but not the impeller will be installed before lifting the unit into place. Some conditions, like limited head room above the tank, may require that the shaft be installed after the unit has been lifted in place. Anti-seize compound should be applied to all threaded fasteners.

Lift the unit where indicated and place in position on the mud tank using blocks to provide at least 18 inches of clearance between the bottom of the shaft and tank bottom. Before removing the blocks and fastening the base to the tank structure, the impeller must be.

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