DCJBQ High Efficiency Mud Agitators range from 3hp to 20hp and are standard off the shelf units. DCJBQ Series can also build custom designs with any size horsepower or different configurations to suit the customer’s needs. With our low clearance and ease of service, the agitators are an easy choice for the contractor.

But how much do you know about the agitators to install and maintain ?
All personnel responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of this equipment should read this blog.


1 Don’t perform any maintenance or service on the motor before disconnecting the power source.
2 Discharge all capacitors before servicing motor.
3. Electrical repairs should be performed by trained and qualified personnel only.
4. Inspect the mud agitator regularly, and replace worn or damaged components only with the parts supplier by the original equipment manufacturer.

mud agitator

Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts. Mud agitators should be locked out and tagged out before entering a mud tank for any reason. DC is a professional manufacturer of mud agitator, we have professional personnel to install and maintain mud agitators. If you have something that not clearly about it please feel free to contact us.

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