Hydrocyclone Desander is a water treating equipment which use the centrifugal force settle and realize the separation of the solid and liquid, it is mainly removed the ground water and other source water solid particles. It is apply to the system of the water source heat pump, It is widely used in the chemical industry, environmental protection, food, medicine and other industry.

The working principle of the Hydrocyclone

The Hydrocyclone Desander is according to the screening theory of the solid particles rotate in the fluid, after the fluid flow into the equipment from the water inlet of the Deserter, produce the strong rotary motion, because the density of the water and sand is different, under the common action of the centrifugal force, Centripetal buoyancy and the fluid flag reach the purpose of the degritting, the rate of the degritting is high, save the installation time, the work state is stably.

The selection of the Hydrocyclone must consider factors of the water throughput, the working pressure of the pipelines, the quality of the water source and the requirements of the water quality. Usually, on the condition of the meet flow, we should select and use the equipment with the big model and recommend use a several equipments parallel alternative the big equipment, in order to obtain the  better solid-liquid separation effect.CNQ Desilter Parameters

Model No. CNQ100 CNQ125
Thruput ≤360m3/h(1584GPM)
Screen Area 1.0m2 ~2.4 m2
Size Of Swirler 4″ 5″
Qty Of Swirler 2-18
Pressure 0.15~0.35Mpa
Centrifuge Pump 11kw~75kw
Drift Diameter Of Inlet Pipe 75-150mm
Drift Diameter Of Outlet Pipe 125-200mm
Particle Size 44~15μm


1 The structure is simple, it is easy to operate, the use is safe and reliable.

2 Comopared with the expend tubes, buffer box and the Desander equipment, the size of the DC Desander is small, the throughput is big, save the field space.

3 It can remove the sand in the process of the uninterrupted supply

4 Avoid the phenomenon of the secondary pollution, the cleaning sand efficiency is high.

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