DC solids control ,a specialised mud system manufacture for oil&gas drilling,HDD&CBM drilling,water well drilling .till now our water well drilling mud system have been working in Mongolia,Libya Susan and some South Asia market.






















The Hydrocyclone Desander is according to the screening theory of the solid particles rotate in the fluid, after the fluid flow into the equipment from the water inlet of the Deserter, produce the strong rotary motion, because the density of the water and sand is different, under the common action of the centrifugal force, Centripetal buoyancy and the fluid flag reach the purpose of the degritting, the rate of the degritting is high, save the installation time, the work state is stably.

DC Solid control can produce Desander Hydrocyclones which are used to provide efficiency cient and reliable separation of sand and solids from Produced Water, Condensate and/or Gas streams. They have proven to be a valuable part of many Oil and Gas production facilities, by providing:

• High Efficiency ciency Solids Removal,
• Compact, small footprint,
• Cost effective protection against erosion damage,
• No moving parts and minimal maintenance,
• Highly consistent performance.


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