Generally speaking, there are 5 stages for a whole solid control system: shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner (mud de-sander & mud de-silter), vacuum degasser. Each part plays an important role for the whole solid control system, as the same important for oil drilling fields.

The first step is that the shale shaker will be worked for separating those big solids, commonly the diameter of the solids is over 75μm or more.

After that, the desander and the desilter will start to work, in some drilling fields; mud cleaner is always used to take place of desander and desilter’s work.

solid control system

About the third step, when the drilling work goes into this situation, there are some air enters the drilling fluids, naturally, vacuum degasser should be used to separate the air to ensure there is no air in the solids or mud.

The fourth step, our solid control system will separate the solids again via VFD decanter centrifuge. There we recommended DC Solid control LW355 VFD decanter centrifuge, which has won a popular praise from our customers.

The last step is clean the solids / mud separated by solid control system. Commonly speaking, mud tank is always used to collect those drilling waste mud solids, just for a good environment protection, which is the same with drilling waste management. Of course, the whole solid control equipment used in solid control system, are all mounted in mud tank.

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